Friday, 24 June 2016

New Additions To My Room

You all know that I fought tooth and nail to get myself a perfectly white bedroom - white walls, white furniture, white accessories. This was great when I was only staying there a few days a week, but now I'm back living here full time it all feels a little clinical to be honest with you. So, with that in mind - I decided that I was on a mission to add a little more me to an otherwise perfectly clinical room. So, with a little help from some of my favourite brands, I've finally managed to get it sorted - here's my favourite new additions at the moment.

First up - an unexpected pop of colour came in the form of candles, and one of my top picks definitely comes from Produce Candles. Some of you might know that I'm weirdly in love with apricot yoghurt, and that's exactly what their Peach scent smells like. This is in an adorable printed jar, it adds a pop of colour to my room and although it's fairly expensive at £21.99, it has up to 70 hours burn time and so I'm not complaining. I'm looking at adding some more of their candles to my shelves to add more bursts of colour, my favourites at the moment are Coriander and Wildflower - so if anyone's tried them please let me know what they're like, I have high hopes!

Next up are some prints that you're going to see in a gallery wall post on in the next few weeks - but I thought I'd still pick a few of my favourites out to feature within this post because I'm such a big fan of them. First in my Jollysmith print that says "Can't See The Wood  For The Trees" - this sucker is absolutely huge and adds a gorgeous pop of colour and costs around £15. I'm so excited to get this up and I think it's going to be the main focus of my gallery wall. I also have two other smaller prints that I'm completely in love with - an A4 print from Martha and Hepsie that very accurately says "Great Things Are Going To Happen" and an A3 Thumper quote print from Brambler that's so cute and says "If you're scared just be scarier than whatever is scaring you!" (£17). All of these are on good quality card and it's been easy to find clip frames for them - all of mine are from Dunelm. I can't wait to get my gallery wall up and write a post so you can all see!

Lastly I have a few practical bits from Store which are a shop actually based around by me and so I'm pleased to give them this little shoutout - they sent me a small set of drawers and a wooden drawer and I'm excited to clear everything out and make room for these so I can hoard much more make up than I need. I think these seem really good quality so far - but when I do an updated room post I'm sure that I'll be able to better comment on how they've handled a ridiculous amount of cosmetics.

So that's just a few of my favourite bits to add to my room - I have tons more in the way of pictures, photographs and wall stickers but now it's just a case of actually getting everything up onto the walls - as long as I don't do any serious damage during my DIY attempts, I'll pop a new post up when it's all ready.

Do leave me any of your favourite homeware stores below, in any case!

Sammy xo.
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