Friday, 3 June 2016

Paxton Chocolate Cocktail Thins

I'm a sucker for good chocolate - but I like to try something that's a little different than what I've come to expect and so when Paxton Chocolate offered to send me some of their cocktail thins; I figured they were absolute perfect for me. I'm sure most people know that I don't drink - but that doesn't mean that I can't appreciate the flavour of a good chocolate - and Paxton has some very good chocolate indeed. Boxes of these will set you back anywhere from around £15; but are they worth splashing out on?

The cocktail thin boxes contain four flavours - Gimlet, Mojito, Bloody Mary and Piña Colada; two have a white chocolate base and two have a milk chocolate base. Now first things first I think we need to talk about how pretty the chocolates are; you can get these in boxes of thins or in individual larger offerings of each flavour, but each one is a delicate disk that has a beautiful design printed onto the front (some other offerings have ingredients embedded into the top, too) - I know the look of something you're about to be throwing back isn't massively important, but I do think that it's always nice when something looks as beautiful as it tastes.

Let's start with my least favourite - and the general wildcard of the bunch; Bloody Mary. I strongly believe Bloody Mary is an acquired taste to begin with; but definitely more so when you add in a chocolate element. Bloody Mary contains a milk/white chocolate, tomato, lemon, celery, salt and black pepper - and it's every bit as savoury as it sounds. This has the smooth taste of milk chocolate with a back taste of tomato, however the overwhelming taste is the sharp taste of salt. It's not unpleasant as such - but it's definitely one I wouldn't be craving to try again any time soon. For all you Bloody Mary enthusiasts out there, however, I imagine this would be perfect.

Next up is the one I'm on the fence about; Piña Colada - a drink that I have to admit I'm not hugely fond of to begin with. This one contains white chocolate, toasted coconut, pineapple and mango - and it's tropical cut with white chocolate; which is a good combination, but with the added toasted coconut, I'm not hugely keen on the texture; still pretty good though. The one that tastes truest to it's original cocktail is definitely Mojito, which contains milk/white chocolate, mint and lime - this is a strong, but soft mint taste; very like mojito and definitely straying enough away from the taste of After Eight's that you don't feel like it's Christmas Evening and you're watching the Royle Family - a good combination all in all.

Finally is my favourite out of the lot - Gimlet. Now, to be honest with you, I have no idea what a Gimlet tastes or looks like, but I can tell you that the chocolate version contains white chocolate, lime, grapefruit, juniper and fennel seed. This smells as though it's going to be far too fragrant, but it's a subtle kind of moreish taste that definitely made me want to buy a big one of it - they're all pleasant, but Gimlet is by definitely the star of the whole bunch. Paxton have knocked it out of the water with this Cocktail Thin offering, and I'll definitely be trying more of their flavours in the future.

Have you tried any odd flavoured chocolates? What would you recommend.

Sammy xo.
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