Thursday, 9 June 2016

Revolucion De Cuba Liverpool Opening

I am writing this on the morning after the night before (you're reading it a day later than that, but it's not the point) and, it might be the rum induced hangover talking, but I feel like last night might have been one of the best events that I've ever been to. There are a few places in Liverpool that feel so homely, welcoming and are just everything that you wished and more; so much so that you're proud that it's a part of your home town - and I have absolutely no qualms in saying that our new Revolucion De Cuba is definitely set to become one of those places. I'd also like to take the time in this first, most important paragraph to thank Paddy for coming along with me and throwing himself into the blogger event atmosphere.

To be fair - no night that started with a free cocktail being thrust into my hands has ever ended badly; but getting a free cocktail in my hand and getting to drink it overlooking the Albert Dock was beautiful, and on what felt like the hottest night of the year so far it cooled everyone down after it seemed like just about everyone had to rush to make it on time. Mojitos in hand, and good company making jokes about the landscape, we settled in for what was already turning out to be a good night and waited for upstairs to be ready for us.

When upstairs was set out for us - we were ushered up to the mezzanine level, everyone took a seat (mine appeared to be an old sink, but who's counting) and Jamie the kitchen manager came to talk to us, and then offered us some tapas which he talked us through. Tapas is kind of my bag, and so I was pleased to see old favourites like Patatas Bravas (fried potatoes with a tomato sauce), Albondigas (chorizo and pork meatballs in a tomato sauce) and Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas - alongside some tasty new offerings like Breaded Prawns and Honey Roasted Vegetables. All in all, the food was amazing and Jamie's enthusiasm for his work and what the restaurant are producing was contagious, and I feel as though I tried things I normally wouldn't opt for, which was nice.

Now I'll be honest, we were split into groups to do activities and the next part of my night contained 3 shots of rum in a very short period of time - I tried three of the (very, very) large range of rums that Revolucion De Cuba have to offer and I spent a lot of this time laughing with Coco the bartender and trying to force Paddy to chug his shots; this rum tasting experience isn't available generally but we did get an insider tip that if it's not too busy and you ring up and ask nicely, they might do something to try and fit you in. After this we learned to wrap our own burritos with Jamie (I was up against Paddy, and much to his annoyance I ended up with a much better wrapped burrito) and then we were taught to make raspberry, passionfruit or original mojitos (using the very catchy "slap it, rim it, shove it in it" slogan, which apparently sounds better in Spanish!) as well as a good old Cuba Libre.

All in all - I was made up with the night, and I genuinely don't think that that's just the rum talking. I had fun getting to know the bloggers I was there with and seeing some old friends and it was just amazing to see what Liverpool has to offer; both from restaurants and bloggers. If there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that this won't be the last time that you see Revolucion De Cuba on my blog.

Sammy xo.
This meal and included drinks were provided by Revolucion De Cuba in return for the consideration of a review - This has no influenced my opinion in any way and all opinions are my own, I can't promise that the run didn't but I did check my thoughts with a much more sober Paddy. Read my disclaimer for more.

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