Sunday, 19 June 2016

Royal Afternoon Tea at Browns

My family have this thing about afternoon tea. Ever since I was a teenager, all of my aunties and cousins (well, most of us ladies in any case, the men are more than welcome but never seem to take us up on the offer...) go out every few months for a different afternoon tea. It's mostly an excuse to gossip about what's happening in our lives and have a few glasses of bubbly but, irregardless, I'm definitely no stranger at all to afternoon tea. So, when Browns in Liverpool invited me (and by extension my mother) over to try their Royal Afternoon Tea for the Queen's Birthday - I jumped at the chance; any excuse to add another restaurant to my ever growing list of places that I've tried (I should have an elaborate rating system at this point).

Now, not unusually for Liverpool, when we got there it was absolutely chucking it down - and so although we'd planned to walk around the shops, it didn't work out quite like this and so, instead, I decided to try my luck and turn up half an hour earlier than the slot that we'd booked. I knew I was being a bit of an annoying chancer, I've worked as a waitress and I get how frustrating people like me can be when you're busy, but the staff were really pleasant and understanding and wasted absolutely no time seating us - it seems like something tiny, but we were really early and the weather was terrible, so we really appreciated it. Off to a good start.

One of the bonuses of the Royal Afternoon Tea vs. the regular one is that you get a British Royal cocktail as well as your hot drink - we opted to have these first and have our tea with our cake afterwards and so they brought these over to us whilst we waited for our food. The British Royal is the perfect name for such a delicately flavoured, really light drink - this is vodka with rosehip and rhubarb cordial and apple then all topped with prosecco and topped with blackberries. These were the perfect, clean tasting start to the meal and we couldn't wait to get stuck in to the actual food part of the afternoon tea.

We started off with the light, brioche buns that are in place of the traditional finger sandwiches - filled with delightful fillings such as coronation chicken, cream cheese and salmon and egg mayonnaise, these are light, but tasty and leave plenty of room for the scones. We had two plain scones, and two fruit scones (I took the plain ones as I fully believe that raisins shouldn't be cooked or baked) with jam and cream, and then it was time for the cakes. Oh, the cakes. From red velvet sponge, to salted caramel profiteroles, to earl grey and lemon tea sponge and finally (and probably our favourite out of all of the desserts) were tiny pots filled with a creme brulee type filling topped with pimms jelly. Everything was floral and tasted amazing whilst still tasting subtle and not too overwhelming.

Not only was the food amazing, but so was the atmosphere, and the staff were friendly with everyone around which is always a really good thing in my opinion. Generally, we had an amazing afternoon at Browns, their afternoon tea was one of the best I've tried so far, and I absolutely can't wait to go back!

Where are your favourite places for afternoon tea?

Sammy xo.
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  1. traditional tea is one of the most satisfying flavored teas you'll ever try