Thursday, 16 June 2016

SBC Gels - Cotton

I'm all about a good body lotion but I absolute hate feeling sticky or if the lotion doesn't have the smell that I expected it to. So, when SBC Gels offered to send me out a skincare gel, I was intrigued and I opted for the ominously sounding "cotton" scent - figuring that if I didn't actually know what the smell was it probably couldn't disappoint me (there's some logic there somewhere, I promise, I'm just not quite sure it's logic to everyone reading this!) When this arrived, I was intrigued to get stuck in and I have to say that it hasn't let me down yet.

This is a cold, gel - which actually is really pleasant when you're getting out the bath as you can avoid that gross like sticky-skin-in-my-pyjamas feeling - so that already made me kind of fall in love with it, especially given the fact that we're getting into Summer and a lot of the time I'm sticky enough (that sounded dirtier than I'd anticipated or intended) without adding a gross, too thick moisturiser into the mix. Added bonus that this is cold - I'm sure that'll be a negative when the winter rolls around, but right now I absolutely want to smother myself head to toe in it every ten minutes.

Now the smell - this is going to be a divider for most people - because for all the world, this smells like bubble liquid. It's a really clean, really fresh smell - but it's also so distinctive and undeniably the smell is of either baby shampoo, baby bath or bubble solution (you know what smell I mean, right? They all smell pretty similar). I don't hate this - but I wouldn't say that the smell is particularly "cotton" in it's essence (although I'm not really sure what that smells like, so maybe the cotton flowers actually do smell like this?). I think it's fresh on the skin, and it's really comforting when you're settling into bed and you can smell it on yourself - but just aware that if you gag at the smell of bubbles, you're probably going to hate this.

All in all though, this has a lot of good things going for it - the pump bottle is a big bonus because I much prefer that to scooping out handfuls of body lotion and layering it on (also it means that I used less, so it's economically helpful), it's mild and gentle, it's comforting and I genuinely do really like the feel of it - SBC Gels have created a whole range of body lotion gels that just seem to sink in immediately with no tackiness, and I'm all over it. I'm already looking for my next addition to the collection.

Added bonus - a bottle of this stuff (which will last you close to forever when I look at how much I've used in the last month or so) will only knock you back £9.50 per 100ml, and for what you're getting I'd say that was a really solid deal. SBC, you're a new favourite of mine - but I do honestly need someone to let me smell a cotton plant so I can tell whether or not this is accurate.

Sammy xo.
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