Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Summer Bag Wishlist

Everyone knows that I'm a sucker for a good bag - novelty, bright coloured, classic; I don't discriminate. If it's pretty, expensive or it makes me laugh, chances are I'll love it and so with us quickly approaching a new season, I figured that now was as good a time as any to put together a list of the bags that, money permitting, I would be adding to my collection any day now for Summer. Be prepared for cute, quirky and pastel coloured bags to insult your eyes.

popular skinnydip bags

 1: Game Over Bag - £28
Be fair, this game over cross body bag that looks like an old school nintendo with wings is freaking adorable. I know that realistically, this isn't practical in the slightest, there's no way in hell that this would fit my purse in, never mind the huge amount of junk that I insist on carrying around with me; but it's adorable nonetheless, and definitely a bag I want in my collection (plus, it's basically as a steal).

2: Candy Handle Mini Tote - £32
This is perhaps the furthest away from what I would normally look for in a bag, but something about the classic celine-esque shape combined with the retro candy striped handles really makes me go all heart-eyed. I have to say, Skinnydip do bags better than just about anybody else and this one is absolutely no exception. A little unusual and potentially over the top? Yes. Do I still want it? Of course I do, you all know me.

3: Happy Travels Bag - £95
This is probably my favourite out of the whole lot and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't because it reminds me of an old school bags I used to have when it was cool to add iron on patches to everything. I just think this is an adorable, and yet somewhat casual, novelty bag - it opens out forwards instead of zipping across the top and the whole thing is just unlike anything I've ever seen. If I ever fall in love with a handbag - I'd put money on the fact that it will be this one.

radley handbag summer 2016

4: Blue Millibank Medium Multiway Bag - £169
I've always been a sucker for Radley - it was one of those bag companies that my mum and aunties always dragged me into when we passed one of the shops and it's just been a company that always kind of stuck with me. I sometimes find some of their designs a little old fashioned - but this definitely doesn't fit that pattern; this is modern, a beautiful colour and just a classic kind of bag. This is one to go alongside my Michael Kors - expensive, but worth the money because I'll get so much wear out of it.

5: Daisy Cut Out Bag - £24.99
New Look are pretty much my favourite high street bag company - I have at least one from each Summer season I've been interested in bags, and this year it's definitely this brown/white/cream/nude offering that's caught my eye. You can't deny that the cut out daisies in the side sections are beautiful, and all in all I've just found New Look bags to be good quality, and for under £25 - I don't see how you could go wrong with a bag like this.

What bags are you lusting after right now?

Sammy xo.

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