Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Trying Something New With The Stockroom

To those of you who told me the masturbation posts were a bit much - you're probably going to want to click off this at the moment; normal business will be resumed tomorrow (probably) but this one definitely isn't going to be one for you. Now that the disclaimer is over, let's talk sex toys. Well not toys so much as accessories - because in the words of Rihanna; "sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me" and so on and so forth. I'm always eager to branch out and so when The Stockroom offered to send me some goodies to add to my toy collection, there was no way that I was going to turn it down.

So - we settled on some bits and pieces that were the most inclusive, the ones that most people were likely to be brave enough to add to their collection. So let's start with my favourite, and the ever popular Riding Crop ($12.93). This is pretty basic as crops go - the looped end means that it makes an impressive swish noise, but it's wide enough that the sting isn't too intense, nor does it leave too much of a mark unless you get really out of hand with it. I will say though, it has some downfalls - you can't travel with it, if that's your jam, as we've tried to put this in just about every bag that I own and we can't fit it in any at all - so it's definitely a stay at home sort of piece; however that's not enough to put me off. In addition to this, as it has quite a short length to the actually leather piece that you want to be hit with, you've got to be pretty careful not to be hit with the actually cane piece; fine if you're into that and looking for the sensation, but a bit of a shock if you're expected a sting and it's replaced with a completely different feeling altogether. A good starter crop, as long as you're careful and not planning to massively travel round with it.

The other two items fit together to form an experience of sorts - a padded blindfold ($18) and a wartenberg pinwheel ($9.50). After digging the pinwheel out of a box, and then a bag - I found out the hard way that although this isn't sharp enough to break the skin, if you accidentally jab it into your fingers when you're not expecting it, it's less than pleasant - so, word to the wise, it comes with a tough sheath to put it in for a reason. That aside, the blindfold is comfortable, and when you add in the sensation of the pinwheel, it's enough to feel as though it's an extra added sensation, without actually hurting to any major degree. This is definitely one that's scarier that it looks - but having tried it just about everywhere from boobs, to the soles of feet, to backs; there's nowhere that feels so painful that you wouldn't do it again (it does tickle the soles of your feet though).

So all in all - The Stockroom actually really impressed me. Their shipping and customer service was fabulous and they were really helpful when we talked about what kind of things I was interested in and how they would appeal to a wider audience and generally? I'd say give it a go. It's cheap enough that if you don't like what you tried it's no big deal, and hey - you might just find your new favourite thing.

Sammy xo.
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