Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Using Essential Oils

I'm a sucker for a good bath - like, in all honesty, if I could live my life from the bath I probably would and so when Buff and Butter offered to send me out a few essential oils - all I could think of was just how many relaxing afternoon baths I was going to be able to grab. They let me pick my own essential oils and so I picked five that I thought would work well, both on their own and if I were to combine them together and so I ended up going for Citronella, Basil, Grapefruit, Mandarin and Oregano.

Now let's start with Citronella (from £1.50) because although this used to be my absolute favourite smell in the whole world, I actually really don't like this when I put it into the bath. I find it's too strong and overpowering and it just smells a little cleansing fluid-esque - plus, it just doesn't seem to take the edge of when you cut it with any of the other smells and so, if there was one I'd say I probably wouldn't go out of my way to buy again, it's definitely this one.

There are two out of the remaining four that I like, but I could probably take or leave - Grapefruit (from £1.85) and Oregano (from £2.95). I'm a sucker for grapefruit - and it's a typically case of always wanting what I can't have because I can't eat grapefruit on my antidepressants and so, although I had no particular affinity towards grapefruit prior to this, I now find myself oddly attracted to the scent. I like grapefruit I just find it a little bit nothingy, it doesn't linger too much, but it is a fresh smell and it does make me feels more invigorated so it's not all bad. As for Oregano, I actually really, really like this scent and how it lingers - but it does make me smell like a pizza (not necessarily a bad thing).

My favourites though are easily Mandarin (from £1.95) and Basil (from £2.30) - both alone, but more so combined. Combined this makes a fresh, earthy and almost liquorice type smell. This is the one that lingers the best, and it's the one that relaxes me the most - and it's definitely the one that I'd recommend out of all of them. I also really like basil on it's on, which has a clean, fresh sort of smell - and Mandarin is a fresh, orange smell with a real kick to it.

It's worth noting, however, that these oils come in two colours - either clear or slightly yellow and the yellow ones do tend to mark the bath for a while; and it takes a fair amount of elbow grease to get that staining off. All in all, I think the Buff and Butter essential oils are great, and I'd definitely pay for them again given how well they've lasted - thanks for making bath time just that extra bit special, guys!

Sammy xo.
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