Sunday, 10 July 2016

A Weekend In London

I've been to London a fair few times now, but given that I'm old enough to go exploring now - this time around I decided to skip over the shopping and traditional tourist bits and head to parts of London I've always wanted to see but never quite gotten around to. So, we got off the train at Euston and immediately decided to head off to Camden. The weather was really good and so we walked, it didn't take long but I have to say I've never seen crowds like that walk - Camden definitely isn't your kind of place if you can't handle a serious crowd . We skipped the traditional market, but did dip in and out of the vintage shops and then headed down to the lock to have a look around the food stalls. I didn't end up buying any food here, but I was so tempted (everything smelled amazing).

I braved the tube and head back to where I was staying in Sussex Gardens - after dropping my bags  off we head out to go and explore. Sussex Garden's and Paddington truly are beautiful, full of Mews houses and gorgeous big town houses; we had a beautiful time wandering around and visited Hyde Park and Marble Arch as well as the long road off of Marble Arch that is full of Lebanese restaurants and amazing shops with fruit I've never seen before (nobody seems to know what this is called, but if you can find it, I'd recommend it because it's lovely!) As it was Sunday and everything was starting to shut we all head back to the hotel for a night of Gilmore Girls ready to get up early for a long day on the Monday.

On Monday we head back off the Hyde Park as I wanted to see the Serpentine, and so we took that route to head off to walk to the Science Museum in South Kensington. The science museum is interactive and a lot of fun - but more everyone else's style than mine and so I got to pick museum number two which turned out to be The Imperial War Museum. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know how touched I was by the IWM - but I can't find the words to write everything that I want to and so mostly I'm just going to say honestly; if you get the chance, go, because it will change your perspective on the world. 

After this, we walked down to Borough Market and grabbed a drink (Southbank is gorgeous too, full of cute little quirky shops, and a fabulous view of The Shard!) and then got the tube back to Covent Garden for an amazing meal before a quick trip to a few shops on Regent Street and then straight back to Euston and home. I feel as though we crammed in a lot within the short amount of time that we were there, but like every time I go to London I found myself desperate to go back and see more bits and pieces as soon as possible. Please give me any recommendations that you might have for next time I manage to get down there!

Sammy xo.

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