Sunday, 31 July 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

You all know that even before I met Charlotte Tilbury I had an insane amount of love for her products but ever since I got the chance to sit next to her, and chat about the best places to go in Ibiza, that's only increased. I've been fortunate enough to try a ton of her products, but the one that I'm a bit late to the party with blog-wise is her Magic Foundation. Now you best know that is a foundation calls itself magic, I'm expecting some real Harry Potter stuff; and so this foundation had some big shoes to fill.

The foundation has put forward some big claims; it's meant to be flawless, poreless, long lasting and morph into skin for a weightless, perfect looking second skin. That's a lot to be offered from a single foundation, but you know that I'm willing to test each claim out to the best of my ability. First things first, I'm obviously going to talk about the packaging; the traditional rose gold that we've come to expect from Charlotte Tilbury graces the lid, and the rest of the body is heavy, clouded glass. I've seen many people struggle with the lid and, to be honest, I embarrassed myself on the project confidence press day by unscrewing it and pulling the whole thing off; but it turns out that it just pulls off to reveal a pump if you tug hard enough.

The shades in this foundation are pretty good, with a lot of varying shades for different skin tones. I have to say though, I have shade one and - although targeted at cool undertones - this does lean very yellow and so I have to be careful as to which other products that I pair it with in order to attempt to neutralise the colour. It seems a lot of the shades claim to lean cool and so it's worth keeping in mind that if you order these online they might not exactly have the undertone that you're expecting them to. Is this all that it claims to be? Well, although it doesn't make me look poreless - it doesn't exaggerate my pores either. However, I wouldn't say that it makes me look flawless, and it's definitely not what I'd call a second skin.

Don't get me wrong, it looks good - and this sucker lasts (although it can look a little greasy by the end of a particularly hot day) but it isn't a full coverage, perfect foundation by any means. This reminds me a lot of Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Foundation (although, you know, sans that strong lavender-esque smell that I hate so much), in that it does even out skin to a certain extent, but you're still going to need a fair bit of concealer to get perfect skin, and you're still going to see any freckles and so on. 

Is it good? Yes, it genuinely is - but it isn't cheap at £29.50, and I think calling it "magic" is a bit of a stretch. If you've managed to make it look even slightly magical - please share the wisdom.

Sammy xo.
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