Monday, 25 July 2016

Degustabox July

So, it's Degustabox time all over again, and you know how much I love this time of the month. This month was a lot of drinks and junk food - and as much as I love some good health food you know that I'm all about reaching for the chocolate and crisps first. So, it took me all of about twenty minute to photograph this and then I was straight there digging in and eating the goodies inside of the box.

If you know me even slightly, you could probably guess which food that I reached for first - the crisps. Now, they're not crisps that I'd normally opt for; they're the Seabrooks Lattice Crisps in Chicken Jalfrezi - but they were actually a pretty big hit. Although these are pretty spicy, they have a good taste and live up to the usual Seabrook standard. Next up was, predictably, the chocolate - Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai and Blueberry flavour to be exact. These were for sure the food item that I expected not to be eaten this month, but we were all pleasantly surprised by these. The bitter dark chocolate against the smooth, tangy centre is something else entirely. 10/10 would recommend.

The next offering went straight to my dad - an avid lover of fruit pastilles. The Fruit Pastilles Infusions really aren't my jam - pomegranate and raspberry, grapefruit and orange and elderflower and apple. They just seem to be a little pretentious flavour wise however, having said that, my dad loved them and the bag was devoured in less than 24 hours and so it seems that although I didn't like them, they were still a hit! Then came a strong favourite of mine from my childhood that I honestly didn't even know still existed in this day and age - Bahlsen Chocolate Leibniz. I like these little individual packets because I can eat more of them - but they're still the top tier biscuit that I remember. To amuse yourself whilst eating, try to get all the chocolate off without cracking the biscuit underneath.

Now, I should have held stocks in Vitamin Water the amount that I drank when I was in school and so I was excited to see the Spanish Orange Rejuvenation Water in the box, which is a similar kind of product. This does have that "not quite right for juice" taste that most vitamin waters have, but it's not unpleasant (it is much better when cold though.) You all know that I hate seaweed and so I won't be struggling through the Itsu Crispy Seaweed Thins in Sea Salt flavour. However, these will go in to one of my dad's work friends who appears to live purely on a diet of seaweed passed on from me. Itsu is honestly the best though, so if seaweed is your thing; I imagine that this is probably amazing.

Then came more and more drinks - in this case it was the Qcumber Natural Cucumber Sparkling Water. I have a personal vendetta against sparkling water, but my mum loves the stuff and so I've put aside some gin that she can mix in with this later on in the week. Then came two more cans from Berrywhite - one cranberry and guava, and one lemon and ginger. These pretty much taste like every sparkling fruit drink on the market, in that it's reminiscent of that schloer kind of taste; not unpleasant, but just not a taste that I'd personally choose.

Honestly - we aren't even that close to the end yet. Next up; some essentials to go into our kitchen cupboards - Felix Sweet Pickled Swedish Gherkins and Sarson's Balsamic Vinegar. The vinegar is pretty much standard for balsamic, but the gherkins are nice - tangy and they had added mustard seeds for that little bit more taste. I probably won't be eating the gherkins out of the jar but I do like them on burgers and so I'm glad to have these in the cupboard in case the sun show long enough for a BBQ at some point in the near future.

At long last we're onto the final few items. There were two more drinks in the box - a bottle of alo allure mangosteen and mango - which smells good, but has tiny aloe hairs in and so I haven't actually been brave enough to try it yet. The final drink was by The Cracker Drinks Co. and it's the pineapple, coconut and lime juice drink which I'm pretty sure will make a good cocktail mixer on a sunny day and so needless to say it's still sitting in my fridge, but I have high hopes. The last thing in the box was the Jordan's Swiss Style Muesli - but as I'm still finishing up my current offering before I break into the bag I'll update on twitter at a later date.

So Degustabox is a good price anyway, but you can now get £7 off a box by using the code BLDEG15 (not sponsored, just a really good deal.)

Sammy xo.
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