Sunday, 3 July 2016

DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack

Okay, so you know how some people are like obsessively concerned about wrinkles or whatever? For me, it's always been under eye circles. I don't get even nearly enough sleep just about ever and so I'm always on the lookout for something that will help combat the travesty that is my under eye area. So, when DHC launched their new Rich Eye Zone Care Pack and offered to send me some out to try, I jumped at the chance of maybe looking less like I haven't slept in three and a half months (dramatic, but you get my point).

Now straight up - sheet mask-esque products just usually aren't my things. They make me feel claustrophobic and like I belong in Scream; but I figured that if they were sheet masks focused solely on my eyes that I was more likely to get on with them than if I'm wearing a full serial killer sheet mask. I was wrong - these fit underneath and around the lids of your eyes and they make my skin feel super tight and I just find them quite uncomfortable; I definitely don't find the whole process relaxing, but I suppose it isn't bad enough to make me stop using them altogether. I thought I'd just lead with that, because (spoiler alert) I think it's actually my only negative point, and it's mostly due to personal preference.

Now I have to admit that these aren't really what I expected from reading the press release which calls it a "creamy, intensive formula". Creamy just isn't the word that I'd use to describe the texture of the products on these eye masks - I'd say it's much more like quite a thick, gel like serum. These come packaged together with a left and a right eye (obviously, otherwise you'd have one amazing looking eye and the other one would look like it's taken the stick for the two of them in comparison) and there are six sets altogether. You're meant to use these twice a week if possible, and so for £26 you get a packet that will last you three weeks, if you use them as directed - which is getting up there, but it's not excessively priced really, for such a well respected company. 

You basically wear these for ten minutes - they curve underneath your eye and then over the lid - wait it out and then take them off and throw them away, and finally massage any remaining product into the eye area. I have to say, this really does have an instant impact - my under eyes look less puffy, and when I go to put make up on afterwards I definitely have less creasing which does suggest that I have less lines (or am I looking into this too much? Who knows). I have to say that I'm not normally one for masks, as previously mentioned, but I do think I would buy these again when this packet runs out and it's not often I go out of my way to repurchase any products. They're definitely worth a try in my opinion, especially if you're a notoriously bad sleeper like me!

Have you tried any eye masks? What would you recommend?

Sammy xo.
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