Friday, 22 July 2016

Hylamide Glow Radiance Booster

I am many things naturally - graceful, hilarious, humble - but sadly tanned just isn’t one of those things. Normally I’m okay with that; you’re talking to the girl who rocked the transparent skin look for her prom, but the fact is every now and again (usually when I’m looking at the lightest foundation shades that high street brands offer) I wish my skin was just that slightly darker, that bit more naturally tanned in order to manage to actually get a porcelain foundation to work for me. So, when I saw that Deciem had sent one (actually two, over the last few months) Hylamide Glow Radiance Booster to try out, I was intrigued. A serum that will help me to appear more glowy, healthy and tanned without any actual fake tan chemicals in? Colour me intrigued. And a little more tanned, if everything works out the way that it should.

Firstly, we have to talk about the Hylamide packaging. I have a few  of their products and I really like the way this looks - bright coloured, clean looking and generally just well made. This bottle is no exception - bright yellow label to match the bright yellow oil/serum inside? Check. Basic facts on the outside of the bottle? Check. This also has a pipette dispenser which I like a lot more than the average “tip through this tiny hole and hope for the best” system that a lot of liquid/oily products have going on. So far, so good - but what about the actual product?

Now, if you can get over the fact this could essentially be crisp and dry shoved into a cosmetics bottle, this stuff actually does work. It’s oily and greasy though, so I suggest that the best way to use it is as a serum - after toner, but before moisturiser - and I tended to only use it at night because, as fond as I was of introducing my face to some colour, I wasn't willing to risk full on Wotsit at any point in the near future. Under your moisturiser, you wouldn’t even really be able to tell that you had this on, it loses all of that greasy feeling that it has when you first put it onto your skin - but I would say that if your skin doesn’t really get on with oils, this one might be one to skip.

So does it colour your skin? Well, for the longest time I thought no - but then I noticed quite a solid line of discolouration around my hairline where my face had tanned but (for obvious reasons) my hairline had not and so yes - this actually does work. Is it worth shelling out £20 for it? Well that depends, this isn’t going to make you look like you’ve just done three months and a particularly good Summer Season in Malia, but if you’re just looking for that little bit of brightness to get you through then this might be a good choice.

Would I buy it again? Probably. This is more my mum’s style than mine, but I do like it - I like the subtle colour that it gives to my skin and whereas a fake tan often looks too much on me, this just looks like I managed to get to Cornwall for their one weekend of Sun this Summer. I will say though, because this reacts with your skin and then develops, if you drop it onto the back of your hand and then don’t wash them once you’ve applied it, you’ll almost definitely dye your skin orange, and so that’s something to think about.

So, for a subtle summer glow when St Tropez (both the place and the product) are too expensive, it’s definitely worth giving Deciem a go - they haven’t let me down yet!

Sammy xo.
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