Thursday, 21 July 2016

Jamie's Italian Covent Garden

I don't really eat meat - but before I made this decision earlier this year; we made a plan to go to Jamie's Italian for steaks. This meant to happen around the same time but we just never got around to going, however when we were in London last weekend, we decided that now was as good a time as any and so we rung up, booked into Jamie's Italian Covent Garden and a few hours before catching our train back to Liverpool; we traipsed right through London from Southbank to Covent Garden (okay, we totally got a Tube, but...) and head down for a long awaited steak date.

Now straight up I'm going to be honest; I just didn't expect much from Jamie's Italian. It might be celebrity opened and endorsed but the fact is that it's still a glorified chain restaurant - but I was pleasantly surprised. This isn't just a chain restaurant with Jamie's face printed on the front, it truly is reminiscent of his brand - the stripped down but modern interiors, his books and equipment for sale. As soon as you walk in, it feels like an experience and in itself I find that strange because it's very affordable and it's not like Jamie himself is cooking for you - but it truly feels different from walking into a Pizza Express or a Carluccio's.

Although our table was booked for half five, we managed to just get the Super Lunch Menu and so we opted for three courses for £14.95 (because when in London...) and although I didn't choose to eat vegetarian or vegan, these are both options even on this limited menu. I opted for the Truffle Tagliatelle (which I forgot to photograph prior to eating) and we also had Pate Bruschetta and Fritto Misto (fried seafood) on the table, neither of which were my jam but I'm told they were very pleasant. I also got in a mocktail (I was getting the train home and didn't want to have to go to the toilet to vom or otherwise) that tasted exactly like refresher sweets and so to be honest, I was sold on Jamie's at the first horrendously sweet sip of my drink and the first amazingly (truffle) buttery mouthful of pasta. I was so sold on my starter that I forgot to take a picture and I had a mouthful before he even offered me parmesan for the top, so...

For main, three of us opted for steak and chips whilst one of us chose a chicken club. Considering the whole point of going out for this meal was to have steak, I was pleased with how good it was (especially as it hadn't cost the earth). Thin, crispy, skin on fries alongside buttery, tender steak meant that there was no talking for a solid seven minutes as we scarfed down our food. Not something I'd be likely to pick out again on a menu, but the steak was affordable, tasty - and the chips have no real competition from any other high street restaurant in my humble, chip-loving opinion.

I thought I'd never eat again, but I managed to share half of the epic brownie (soft and fudgy with amazing salty caramel ice cream) and half of the polenta cake (orange flavoured, moist and crumbly in all the best ways) and so it really was the best of both worlds. All in all - the food and atmosphere was amazing in Jamie's Italian Covent Garden, and it came to a really reasonable price even after we'd thrown a bottle of wine between us all in. I'd definitely recommend, and try and get there before six on a weekday for a good deal on three courses.

Sammy xo.

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