Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Lightweight Foundation Favourites

I'm all about a full coverage foundation - but I realised the night before I left for Spain last week that forty degree heat and Doublewear foundation probably weren't going to be the best of friends and so I dug out some old offerings that I haven't always gotten along with - however they were thin, natural looking and had an SPF in them. So, the two foundations that made the cut were ones I wouldn't normally opt for; the Garnier BB Cream in light and the Jane Iredale Glow Time Mineral BB Cream in BB1. 

Now for the first few days of the holiday I opted for the Jane Iredale, purely because it's the lighter of the two foundations. This really is full coverage though; it's really light and blends well, but it's definitely not the sheer foundation you'd expect when you hear that it's a BB Cream. I have mixed feelings about this - it smells like peaches, which I love, and it blends down well and sits comfortably; but it also has it's downfalls. It stays pretty shiny which wouldn't be an issue, only it doesn't dry down quite the extent that I'd like it to and so it stays looking wet on top of the dewy look which generally just makes me look sweaty, especially in the heat.

As this is so thick, it inevitably creases - especially under the rims and nose piece of my glasses and so in Spring in England I might be able to get away with this one, but even sheered out with a beauty blender this one isn't quite right and definitely isn't one I feel comfortable getting away with wearing out in such extreme heat. The SPF in this one is killer though, I've been using it with no other SPF on my face and I have the tiniest bit of sunburn around my forehead where I haven't blended this completely out but on someone as pale as me that's still a pretty good end result in my eyes. Not the best foundation, but it did protect my skin so I'll give it that. Also, to give it it's dues it does really cover up blemishes

(Left is Garnier, Right is Jane Iredale and for the record - I'm Siberia in NARS)

Next up is an old favourite that just fell out of favour when my skin went to crap - and that's the Garnier BB cream. In the tube this looks considerably darker than it's Jane Iredale counterpart; however, this is by far the superior foundation in my eyes. This blends down to a really sheer foundation and so, although it needs a fair bit of concealer, I always feel as though this is the least heavy foundation of the two, and it just seems to look more natural. Beyond that, this is considerably cheaper than it's Jane Iredale counterpart and so that works in it's favour because this plus a collection lasting perfection still wouldn't come close to the price of the Glow Time (Garnier is £9.99 in comparison to Jane Iredale's $48). The Garnier dries right down and although it's not my favourite foundation in the world - it definitely is the best wearing, least creasing, best lightweight BB Cream that I own by a mile. It does look a lot darker in my swatches, but doesn't look too dark on by any means.

The Garnier one is definitely my favourite out of the two, but both deserve a notable mention - especially if you're only holidaying within the UK - for heavier foundation (although still lightweight compared to full coverage full coverage foundation) opt for the Jane Iredale but be aware of the price tag, and be aware that if you just need a wash of colour with a good SPF - the Garnier is definitely just as good.

What's your favourite lightweight foundation?

Sammy xo.
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