Friday, 29 July 2016


I love stationery - I spend hours upon hours looking through pages and pages of notepads, pens and cute little greetings cards. So, when I found out that Crafty Creatives have a monthly subscription box called Paperhaul that is purely based around stationery, I obviously wanted to be involved in that. So, when they offered to send me one to review, I jumped at the chance and promptly ripped it open the minute that it came through my letterbox.

This month's box features designs from Gaze Of Dolls, and I really like that the box focuses on an indie designer; there's something sweet and exciting about learning more about an illustrator that you didn't know before, and so that's definitely a nice touch, in my opinion. The box appears to be Alice In Wonderland themed too, with the addition of whales, which sounds like it should be insane but I actually really like the theme, and it works well as something a little different combined with something that we all recognise.

There's a fair amount packed into this box, especially as it only costs £10 plus £2 p&p to get one of these beauties every month. First up in the box is an adorable A6 notepad with a border of illustrations - it has good quality paper and it's the perfect size to leave on my desk to help create last minute to-do lists. This was quickly followed out of the box by two thick, glossy postcards collaged with Louise's designs. I like that the back of these have the artist's name on, and so if you wanted to pass them onto friends, you'd easily be able to share the artist's information.

Next up were some cards - three small notecards with blank backs and envelopes and one bigger greetings card, blank inside, with an envelope. The smaller cards each have a seperate illustration and quote on the front, whilst the greetings card has a large glossy illustration of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party featuring a lot of flamingos. All of the cards are good quality and, as they have envelopes, they're nice to have around for if you need a last minute birthday card or whatever (not that I'd ever leave it until last minute, you understand.)

The final two items in the box are the ones that I've been the most excited about - a roll of washi tape and a huge sheet of stickers. I use that kind of stuff a lot for my journal and people ask me about them, and so it'll be nice to share the work of a lesser known artist with those around me. If you've ever tried Paperhaul, I'd love to know what artists you discovered through your box (ooer).

Sammy xo.
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