Monday, 18 July 2016

Personality Perfect

If you're in a group chat with me you'll know that I love a good personality test. These usually range from the old school "what gossip girl character are you?" to, "what colour would you be on a Tuesday morning" - but the one personality test that my group chat have been obsessed with is the one that shows your actual personality type. So, when Personality Perfect asked if I'd like to review their personality test and match my result against my friends to see how alike the personality match app says that we really are - I dived at the chance to give it a go (after checking it was a no holds barred type situation - after all, I need to be able to be fully honest!)

So, first up I tried the personality test online and I have to say this one is the kind that would come up in a Facebook ad. I went through all the questions and got to the end but it wouldn't let me view my result and I'd tried about six different steps and so I gave up in the end and decided that if I was going to get anywhere, it would be with the app. So I downloaded it and I was much more pleased with the app - it's generally cleaner, a lot less glitchy and generally just the same as the online version in terms of questions etc. just a lot more smoothed out.

The app only takes a couple of minutes, you flick through some questions and give your gut answers and then you get a personality type - once this is done you can read the nature of your personality type (INFJ - The Counselor; in my case) and, if you have friends on the app - you can compare personalities. Now, I had no friends on the app so if you aren't the kind of person willing to send out invites to an app and beg people to join in - this probably isn't for you; however, I have no shame and so most of my closest friends got a link and a begging text.

It really is interesting to see if you're as alike with your friends as you might think - and I really enjoyed discussing the results of the test with them; however, I have to say that as fun as the app is when you get your friends on it, it's short lived. All you can do on the app is take the test (although you can do this multiple times if you wish), compare with friends and view your personality - so pretty much once you've taken the test and compared with a few mates, it's an app that will fall to the back burner.

It's not a bad app, by any means, but it is one that you will likely realise four months on that you haven't used it since the first week you downloaded it and so you're likely to delete it. As fun as it is, it could do with some long term potential - maybe daily tasks of some kind dependent on your personality type, or some sort of idea of job prospects most suited to your personality, or even maybe the possibility to take further tests of a different nature. I enjoyed the app overall - I just wish there was more to it (but it's free, so if you want to download it you can find it in the app store and on the play store).

Sammy xo.
Post written in Collaboration with Personality Perfect, however all words and opinions are my own and based on my own experiences.

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