Saturday, 2 July 2016


When I was growing up we always used to talk about finding our soulmates - you know, falling in love and finding that one perfect person for you. Nobody told me though, as a kid, that I would find soulmates who were actually, like... mates - real friends, you know? Nobody tells you that, as rare as it is, sometimes in your life you will meet friends that just click with you, friends that you feel as though you're destined for a relationship with - not in a sexual, or a romantic way; but rather just in the way that these are the people that you feel like will probably be in your life for a long time.

In the last few months - I've realised that I have four of these people in my life; and I met them at varying times in my journey; I have one from when I was a young teenager, one I've known throughout my whole school life, one I've started being good friends with fairly recently, and one that I've known since I was around sixteen. There's nothing to connect these people; they have different senses of humour, different music tastes, they like different films and we talk about completely different things - but I feel as though these people are people that have really cemented themselves in my life in one way or another. They're the people I can imagine sitting in the aisles of my wedding, they're the people I know I can text when I feel awful at 4am - for all intents and purposes; these people are my soulmates.

I'm probably never going to sleep with these people (ahem, again, in some of their cases...), I'm never going to marry them - but that doesn't mean that these people didn't come into my life for a reason; they've taught me confidence, unconditional love, they lift me up on an every day basis and they're the people that I can't imagine my life without; much more so than any of the romantic relationships that I've held in the past. These are the people I clicked with, the people that I truly believe my life all led up to meeting; they're the people I would trust my life with, and probably put my life on the line for - I trust their opinions more than anyone elses and I love them all more than I could ever imagine I would love people non-romantically.

So I just want to say, in the nicest way possible; fuck the idea that soulmates have to be romantic. Soulmates are the people that were destined to help you grow in life, the people who are going to be there until the bitter end; and I'm happy that these people are in my life, happier than I've ever been within a romantic relationship. These are the people that keep me alive and on the straight and narrow. So, to my 4 soulmates - this is a thank you.

Sammy xo.

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