Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Tell Me No Secrets Book Review

Less than a day into my holiday and I've already managed to finish an entire book - and I have to say that this one is pretty good as books go. I tend to opt for thrillers and books that will keep me entertained for more than three hours when I'm on holiday - however I have to say that I found this one so intriguing that I finished it within a matter of hours anyway. You know I'm all about a book that can keep me guessing a twist and so it'll become rapidly clear as you're reading this book and following it's twists and turns to see why it captured my imagination to the extent that it has.

Julie Corbin's Tell Me No Secrets follows the story of Grace - a woman who buried a secret when she was 16 years old and has since created a life with her husband and twin daughters, only for it to all come crumbling down when a phone call comes out of the blue from best friend Orla who knows everything about the secret that they buried, and no longer wants to keep it in the dark. Torn by wanting to be free of the past and the secret that she's carried so heavily, and the knowledge that it could break apart the life that she's created since - Grace has ten days to form her future for herself before somebody does it for her.

The book is dark, and it's sinister - and it has a number of crossing subplots to keep up with; and yet it's interesting and beautiful to read, captivating and creepy in equal amounts. Although I managed to unearth some of the subplots before they unraveled, I have to say that I didn't anticipate the ending until right before I ended up getting there. Julie Corbin has managed to put together a book so well written that it allows you to feel as though you've worked out all of it's secrets only to find out that there are a million more that you haven't managed to consider. I find myself on edge by Julie's writing, and yet equally I find myself desperate to get to the ending of her novels to find out what they have to offer.

This is one to go on my favourite reads list for sure - or at least for this year. A good thriller, an unpredictable ending and - more than anything - just a genuinely really good book, one that makes you want to finish reading it as soon as possible and yet one that you also never want to end. On the whole, I would really recommend Tell Me No Secrets and I'm absolutely desperate to read Julie Corbin's new book when that comes out. A book I'm glad is on my bookshelf, and one I hope will have many friends alongside it sometime soon.

Have you read any of Julie Corbin's books? What are you reading at the moment?

Sammy xo.

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