Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks - First Impressions/Swatches

There are always companies that you want to work with when your blog grows - be that fashion, beauty or otherwise. For me, Urban Decay was always right at the top of that list. I really rate Urban Decay - their Naked Skin Foundation is one of my go to foundations - and so it was like a dream come true when they offered to send me some of their latest and greatest products. In amongst all of the goodies that arrived, there were a good few Vice lipsticks and so I decided to give them a go and share my first impressions and my swatches.
(bottom-top; Backtalk // Big Bang // Firebird // 714 // Pandemonium)

I got a range of their finishes and so I managed to try out the metallized, cream, comfort matte and mega matte formulas. Let's start with my least favourite in the tube - Big Bang, which has a metallized formula. In the tube, this wasn't my thing at all- all hot pink and glitter - but swatched/on the lips, I have to say that I actually don't hate this at all. This is a fairly sheer glitter, however it doesn't have that patchy, streaky look that you'd expect from glitter lipstick. It reminds me for all the world of a glitter top coat nail varnish - but this has an amazing texture; it isn't gritty, doesn't look tacky on and, although it looks great on it's own, I truly think that this would also look great over a dark coloured lip liner. Surprising, I'm a really big fan of Big Bang.

Next up - Firebird, which is a cream formula. Out of all of the colours, this is the one that I think is the most "me". It's a deep, blue toned pink with a blue shift when it hits the light. The cream formula is amazing, opaque in a single swipe and hydrating without that "wet" look that some lipsticks can have. This is by far the colour that I think I'll get the most use out of, and it's one of the most unique colours in my collection by far.

The most wearable, and by far the one that I'd recommend as the addition to anyone's collection, is Backtalk - a comfort matte. This is definitely a "my lips but better" (I know, I hate myself) nude, and I have to say that the formula is actually not that different from the cream formula. Although this sets down to a slightly more matte finish, as the name would suggest, in my humble opinion - the cream and the comfort mattes differences are negligible on the whole.

Finally, the mega mattes. Although I had some of the highest hopes for these colours, I've found that with the two I have the formula seems to be pretty hit and miss. I have Pandemonium, a bright purple, and 714, which is a true red. Now, here's where it gets complex. 714 is one of the best matte lipsticks I've tried; it's comfortable and goes on evenly, it's a blue based red with a great colour - and although it does transfer and can feel drying on the lips - I have to say that it does look good. Pandemonium is a whole different story; it's a great bright purple, but it's very uneven and it just looks really drying on the lips. Pandemonium is definitely my least favourite of all of the lipsticks and it's such a shame because if the formula was more like 714, I could definitely be more on board with it.

All in all, I really like the new Vice Lipsticks, especially at £15 per pop - but don't expect untouchable lip colours and be careful if you're buying a mega matte. Overall though, they're unpretentious - clean packaging, no sweet smell - but they do their job perfectly.

Sammy xo.
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