Saturday, 9 July 2016

Witch Daily 2-in-1 Primer And Clearing Serum Review

You may recall that last year when my skin was bad, I relied pretty heavily on the Witch Overnight Clearing Serum to help me to get it under control enough to get it covered up and so when I got the Daily Primer and Clearing Serum by Witch, I was intrigued to see whether it would do similar minor miracles for me. Witch was a company that people I went to school with used to really swear by, and to be honest it really does do at least most of what it's supposed to and so I was intrigued to see whether they could come out with a thinner version of the serum that I loved so much so that I could comfortably wear it in the day.

I have to say that I expected good things from this product - but for £6.99 I wasn't about to kick and scream if it turned out to be not so great. Having said that though; this definitely didn't let me down and I was surprisingly even more impressed than I was with the original. This has a similar pump to the original - however, the packaging as a whole is much less bulky and is thinner and taller which I'm a huge fan of. Both products have that typical witch hazel smell, but I would say that this one's smell disappears much more quickly than the overnight serum, and it settles down until it's almost matte, and it sits really well and feels very, very smooth.

This is a really versatile product in my opinion - it works well as a primer and does tend to keep make up on just as well as it's counterparts; it can also be used underneath a moisturiser as a serum and also instead of a moisturiser, in my opinion. I've found that however it goes on, it settles down quickly and the smell fades almost immediately. So far, so good - but does it do what it promised that it will do for your skin? Well, actually, I think that I'd probably say yes.

This claims that it "evens out skin tone and holds make-up in place" and is an "oil-free day serum that helps to prevent new spots". I would say that it does even out skin tone, and my make up definitely did go on better and tended to stay on for longer when I was wearing this as opposed to when I had no primer on at all - but I would say that I wouldn't opt for this over a stronger primer on a night out. As for helping to prevent new spots; I'm torn. I do think that this cleared my skin up - but I did get new spots when I was trying it out. Like it's night cream counterpart; this isn't actually a miracle worker. I would say that it will help, but don't expect it to change your life if your skin is particularly bad. It is a nice addition to a skincare routine though, especially if you suffer from persistent but minor breakouts.

All in all - similar to it's night counterpart; it's not a miracle worker, but definitely worth £6.99. What do you use to clear up any breakouts?

Sammy xo.

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  1. Hi there, do you have the ingredients list or the box still? cant seem to find it anywhere