Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Yope Soaps

I'm all about products that do good - but I'm an absolute sucker for any products that both do well and look amazing on my bathroom shelf and so when Yope sent some of their soaps through the post and I spotted their packaging, I knew that I was going to be all over it. Beyond the fact that I believe these soaps originate in Poland (aka. my favourite country within the whole world. Or at least Europe) I'm all over their monochrome packaging, beautiful brown medicine bottle like qualities and generally - the company just won my heart over before I'd even actually used the soap (although that definitely does live up to expectations too.)

They sent me two bottles of soap - one bottle of liquid soap in the Fig Tree scent and one bottle of kitchen hand soap in the Clove scent. Both were promptly commandeered by family members and so the kitchen soap is in it's rightful place and the fig tree soap has become a family favourite within the bathroom. Beyond their adorable packaging (and come on, tell me that wouldn't look absolutely amazing on your instagram feed) Yope have managed to create soaps that both sound good, do good and are generally packed full of mostly natural, good ingredients.

The Fig Tree liquid soap is a favourite of mine - I was a little worried it was only a hand soap but our family have been using it within the shower and it seems to still be hydrating and cleans well. If there's one thing that I would say about this, it's that it can be difficult to wash off completely and it often feels like it can leave a film - however it works well, is great as a replacement if you've run out of shaving foam, and it has the heady, natural smell of fig instead of that sweet, rotting smell that I've come to associate with fig trees from living in Spain for a big portion of my year. I've tried cleaning my brushes with this and although it did work well, it was difficult to wash out and I wasn't entirely sure that they were completely free of soap and so I'd say probably stay away from this for that.

Although I'm still a fan of the Clove soap - I have to say that this is a smell that I could only get on board with using in the kitchen. Clove is a really distinctive smell and this is very, very strong - I don't mind it too much as I'm not often continuously washing my hands within the kitchen but I have to say that this would definitely be too strong to use at a sink I do use a lot (now it sounds like I have favourite sinks which is a bit weird and mostly untrue).

Mostly though - I'm a huge fan of Yope Soaps. I can't find a price on these though, and that might swing it for me (especially on the hand soap). You get huge pump bottles of this stuff and so I'd be willing paying a little more for the liquid soap, but I definitely wouldn't be able to justify paying much more than usual for the kitchen soap; or particularly not in the Clove scent, but I'd be happy to try some of the other ones if I can figure out a way to repurchase in the future.

Sammy xo.
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