Friday, 15 July 2016

Zerreau Towel Off Apple Shampoo

I'm a self confessed lazy girl - but especially when it comes to beauty and hair and so as much as I love make up and washing my hair? If something comes along that might make it a little easier, you can be sure that I'm going to grab one for myself. In this case, it was Zerreau Towel Off Apple Shampoo Foam; this is more than just a dry shampoo, this is literally a shampoo that you only need a towel, and no water, to get along with - and I'm all about that. As someone who relies heavily on dry shampoo, and yet has a head that also often reacts to using it too often; this seemed like the perfect solution.

(Guess which idiot forgot her memory card on holiday. This photo is from the Zerreau site but I'll swap it when I get my hands on my own pictures, promise)

Now, this stuff isn't as cheap as a can of Batiste, it'll set you back £3.99 (but you can grab it from Superdrug which is cool because I hate when you can only buy shit online) but if it worked, I figured that this would be worth it especially if you were going away for a few days and need something more than a blast of glorified talc. This is mostly, or at least seemingly so, targeted towards festivals and festival goers - and that makes sense as it was pretty much the first thing that I thought of too, however - I have to say that it just didn't really live up to my expectations.

Now honestly, I'll be straight with you - I potentially messed this up, but I did do it following every instruction and using a posh microfibre towel, so if I did mess it up I feel as though most drunk festival goers would also be fooled by this deceptively tricky set of instructions. I'll give this it's dues, it's easy to put on your hair as it's a pretty stiff foam, you don't need too much so a single bottle would easily last you the whole of Leeds Festival, and to be fair the apple one (you can get strawberry as well but I'm yet to try it) this genuinely does smell amazing.

Beyond that though, this just really didn't work for me. I did it in sections and towel dried it, and it just made my hair worse than it began. It took too long for someone with as much hair as me to keep my interest, but beyond that it just left my hair feeling crunchy and like I hadn't managed to get my shampoo out properly. I even tried drying the remaining damp hair after I'd gotten all the foam out using my hairdryer, but in the end i just had to conclude that it really wasn't for me and instead, I had to rewash my hair which was really annoying (especially as it wasn't overly greasy to begin with and wouldn't have taken much dry shampoo to get the same result as a whole fresh wash).

If I've done this wrong and you've managed to use it successfully - please, pleas explain to me what I'm doing wrong because I'd really love to get this to work for me (and seriously, you could see my hope when I snapchatted this live) but for now, I think I'll stick to the glorified talc in a can.

Sammy xo.
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