Thursday, 25 August 2016

August Degustabox

You all know that I (not so patiently) await my Degustabox every month, but this one literally came yesterday and so I was really ahead of the ball on this one. Still though, I love a good box of food and so it's exciting for me every month, and if I write the post up sooner it means that I get to eat all the goodies sooner, which is always a bonus in my eyes! This one was more savoury, which I'm not against, but also had some cheeky products I was super excited to try.

Now the brand of the box seemed to be Geeta's, and I got their Tikka Curry Paste, Rogan Josh Curry Paste and Premium Mango Chutney. Now, honestly, curry really isn't my thing - but it is my family's thing and so these were promptly stolen out of the box and chucked into the cupboard for tea later in the week, so I'll undoubtedly keep you updated over on twitter (cheeky plug). Now, let's pretend I didn't send a picture of this to my group chat for the banter, the next product is Willy Chase's Fit Popcorn. No, really. Mine is in the Apple Cider Vinegar flavour and it's an odd cross between sweet and sour; I'm not against it, but I think it's a taste that would really have to grow on me to be the one that I reach for in the supermarket (worth taking to a party purely for the name, though.)

Next up the Rakusen's Snackers Mini Crackers - one gluten free and one not. Basically, these are crackers, and I don't really know how much I can say about that really. I do think that consistency wise etc. the gluten free crackers really hold their own against the "standard" ones, but all in all - crackers are crackers in my opinion. Then comes an old favourite, a holiday throwback - Mahou. The five star beer, and there's a reason that's the tagline. I am all about Mahou, it reminds me of being in Spain and I was so tempted to break into this as soon as the box arrived at 1pm yesterday but it seemed a little early (although, it's always five o' clock somewhere...)

Another old favourite, with a new twist, is the Tabasco Sweet and Sticky Barbecue Sauce And Marinade and I honestly can't wait to put this to try on ribs at the weekend (I mean I probably won't eat them but I'll still taste the sauce on some form on quorn, I'm sure) and I hope I like it as much as original Tabasco which I add to just about anything that I cook. Dorset Cereals is another favourite, and I've already delved into this Bircher Mix of Raspberry and Blackcurrant - which is smooth, creamy and suitably sweet (which is what I need to keep me interested in anything vaguely healthy). Also, I suck at portion sizes and so the spoon to accurately measure it out was really appreciated. The Nutripots I haven't gotten a chance to try yet, but I'm so excited - I have Aromatic Noodles and Moroccan Couscous to try and I'm all about a healthy snack food that I don't have to put thought into. Expect a instagram post on these ones.

I love a good tea and this Clipper Lime, Ginger and Green Tea is actually really good - little sweet for my taste, but the ginger definitely makes me feel like we're finally getting around to Autumn and so I'm excited for this to become a staple within the next few months. I've tried the Get More drinks in the past - but honestly, I'm seriously Vitamin D deficient (no jokes please) and so I can always grab something that's about to boost my multivitamins, plus these are really really tasty, and so I'm all in for this. Finally (there's a lot in this box, huh?) are the Oloves, which are already long gone, in chilli and oregano - which are tasty but could do with a little more heat in my personal opinion!

So that's what was in my Degustabox this month, and if you want a whopping £7 off your box you can use the code BLDEG15 (as usual, not an affiliate link I just love a good deal.)

Sammy xo.
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