Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Crude Crafts And Self Care

Now to be honest, we all like to be a little passive aggressive. Not just on twitter or towards other people but rather, towards life and so when Innocent Bones got chatting to me and agreed to send me out one of her cross stitch kits, I was more than excited to get stitching some passive aggressive statements to hang on my wall. Now, I figured that this was a really good kit to review given that I'd never cross stitched before and so I thought, for all of us beginners out there, I'd scope out just how easy it would be to make your own crude embroidery hoops for yourself (in the best taste possible).

I personally opted for the very standard, true to life "Don't Be A Dick" pattern; and this arrived in a box that would definitely fit through my letterbox if I wasn't in, which is something that I personally really enjoy in a parcel because I hate having to go and hunt them down. Inside the kit, there's the backing material, black thread, your pattern, some intructions, a needle and an embroidery hoop; so it's essentially a full kit, so if you're looking to get someone a present this is something you wouldn't have to add to (although pick your saying carefully to avoid insulting the person. Unless that's your intention in which case, go for the truest to form.)

Now, the instructions on this made it really easy, but I'd say probably do a practise test first, because I messed my first go up and then had to go out and buy more backing so I could do it properly (I also bought some different coloured thread for some variety) but, it's pretty easy as long as you actually follow the instructions, and it only took me two goes and about four hours to get one that I was really pleased with. I did this, for arguments sake, without the embroidery hoop to actually sew it, but I am screwing it in there to hang it up and so you'll see what the full thing looks like in an upcoming post about the art in my room.

Mostly; I'd like to comment on how therapeutic this is - I don't have to concentrate so much that it puts me off doing it, but it's definitely something I have to focus on enough that it's great when I'm turning to something to put my mind to when I need to practise some self care. Overall, I have to say that I'd recommend the kits - it was easy enough that it gave me the confidence to go out and buy more bits and pieces and print off more patterns to give them a go for myself!

If you've got any good patterns, please do send them my way!

Sammy xo.
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