Wednesday, 3 August 2016


I mean let's be honest, we all love a good subscription box - it's like getting a Christmas present every single month (I mean you totally have to pay for it, but still). That being said, when Dewcibox offered to send me a box, it added a whole new level of excitement; not only a subscription box, but one filled with sex related products? You best know I'm all in to take part in this one.

Now to be honest, this isn't cheap at £25 a month, but to be honest; if this is your thing then I guess it's not all that expensive, although obviously that's entirely dependent on what's in the box. Now, let's start with my least favourite product this month; The Tenga Egg Shiny. Now it's not that I'm not intrigued by this, it's just that it's a male sex toy and so I can't use it and I've not quite managed to foist it off on a play thing just yet. This does look interesting though - I believe it's essentially a textured sheath that you fill with lube and then use for extra stimulation whilst masturbating. Intriguing - and once I get a test subject - I'll report back.

Next up is the 50 Shades Of Grey "We Aim To Please" vibrating bullet. To be honest, I'm morally against Fifty Shades and so I was a little disappointed to see this included as a brand, but nevertheless a bullet is a bullet, and this one even came with batteries included. Like I said though, a bullet's a bullet and so although this is fine, it's just a one tempo bullet with fifty shades quotes on. Then the ever-intriguing Rocks Off Hemp Massage Oil. You all know that I love a good oil and this might just be one of the best that I've tried; it sinks in immediately, has a fruity yet somehow fresh smell and has the most adorable bottle - definitely one of my favourite products in this month's box.

Now; Chocolate Body Paint from Dona by Jo. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this sexually (like I'm not against it, but it just feels like smearing my breakfast all over my partner) but, I can tell you how I feel about it taste wise; and that's pretty good. This tastes for all the world like chocolate sauce that you put on ice cream - not something that you'd want to eat out of the jar, but definitely not the worst thing that I can imagine licking off somebody. The final big product is the lick mix for her, which is essentially a box of wipes, arousal gels and cream and gel lube. Basically - this is the perfect box for travel and being nice to your vagina.

There's also some extra treats in the box - 2 milk chocolate hearts and a Pimms and lemonade. Personally, I ate the chocolate whilst digging through the box, and I've chucked the can of Pimms in the fridge to down in the garden tomorrow evening - but, if you were part of a couple using the box, I suppose you could incorporate these into an evening of romance. Even if you're not though, these are still a good little treat (especially when used in conjunction with the packets of flavoured lube in the bottom of the box.)

All in all I'm a huge fan of Dewcibox, it's an exciting subscription and one that I feel that I'd genuinely use. If you fancy trying one, I'm pretty sure that you can get £5 off using the code "DEWCIFIVEOFF" (not sponsored or affiliated, I just like to hook you up with a good deal). If you order, enjoy!

Sammy xo.
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