Friday, 5 August 2016

I Love Gin

Not just a declaration, don't worry - it's just that this month I've gotten the chance to talk about my second newest subscription box; I Love Gin. As you'd expect, this is a subscription box just full of gin, and different ways to drink it and, especially as ours came in the middle of the Summer, I think it's a pretty good idea for a monthly subscription box. It's not make up brushes or beauty supplies, but instead you get two gins and two different types of tonics every month and so, which is the one you'd rather have, come on.

This month when mine came I was intrigued to find that it was very heavy, but you could barely tell that there was bottles inside, and when I opened the box it was clear that this is because of the crap ton of insulation it has inside - so first things first, that's pretty cool. Inside the box, there's two sample size gins and two full bottles of tonic - one traditional and one a little less traditional in flavours. It was nice to see brands I'd never seen in shops in the box, and really nice to see the box focus on just two brands instead of throwing in tons of different brands in and confusing the matter.

So the July box had 6 o'clock Gin and Peter Spanton Tonic Water. There was a standard gin and a standard tonic to mix together to make the first G&T, and I actually really liked this one. Normally I'm not into tonic water whatsoever, but chilled right down and with some orange and basil (I learned about it at gin tasting, okay?) and this was a pretty pleasant afternoon drink, and the amount in both bottles is pretty much the perfect amount to fit in our Smirnoff (not gin, but the only cocktail glass that we have) cocktail glasses, so that's nice.

There were another two bottles to mix together, and I was intrigued to find that they were sloe gin and cardamom tonic water - neither of which I'd ever tried, but I'm nothing if not adventurous (read: I'll drink just about anything, if it's cold and you're offering). Now, this one divided everyone that tasted it - but the unanimous decision was that, on the whole, this just doesn't really taste like either gin or tonic - it's spicy and warm and almost medicinal and, although I'm not against it, I definitely wouldn't be ordering it in a bar.

Overall, I really liked this box - for £14 (which includes delivery) a month, you get to try some new brands, and I don't at all feel like it was overpriced for what was inside. If you try the box, I'd love to know what's inside the ones coming up, so please shoot me a message!

Sammy xo.
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