Sunday, 21 August 2016


Truthfully, I'm writing this with a 10pm hangover on a low after all of the adrenaline from #livhelps has worn off - but I want to write this whilst I'm still so full of love for the community around me. Today I didn't even take that many photos, I did however get really drunk, get to know the bloggers from in and around Liverpool and generally I laughed until my sides hurt, did shots and was so thankful that after everything shit that people have to say about the blogging community I had the chance to sit in a room full of people that so completely proved that to be wrong. It's been 4 months of hard slog but truthfully, it was worth every tantrum to get to here.

(quite literally the only photos I remembered to take probably because the middle one is of a Long Island Iced Tea.)

After so many dramas - our venue falling through, our cohost pulling out, the bags clearly not being strong enough to carry the amount in them - on the day it worked out fine and the venue that (amazingly) stepped in at the last minute was the truly phenomenal Dough Bar, who actually made the event everything that it was and so, when life closes a door and all that. Truthfully, you can check the hashtag for venue pics because I was too busy running around but we all know you're really only here for the goodie bag anyway, so let's get onto that. Shout out to Noble Gift for providing our bags which were gold and boss.

Thank you to all the brands involved - including the amazing Love With Food box who donated a box for each bag and also another load to people in need. Furthermore, keep an eye out for the raffle prizes people won because they were fantastic! I had an amazing day, thanks for coming and I'm off to sleep in order to finally sleep this alcohol induced haze off!

Sammy xo.
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