Tuesday, 23 August 2016

My New Favourite Ring

I'm all about a good ring - but very few make the cut, and so when ChloBo offered to send me a ring, I was intrigued to see what they had to offer. To be honest, I didn't even know Chlobo did rings, but I did know they did those hella delicate (hella expensive) bracelets and so I had high hopes. I'm a basic bitch and so I'm all about silver and rose gold and they didn't let me down, and after five minutes of browsing I came across the perfect ring to go alongside my silver/welsh gold Clogau ring - and that was the Luna Ring in Rose Gold.

I have to say - I was torn on styles, I love the solid Luna Ring and I think it's delicate and beautiful and goes with my usual style, but the elegant beaded rings had me torn too, because I'm never seen anything quite like them that's looks so effortlessly cool (seriously though, this Mini Cross In Heart Ring is actual life, even though I normally stay miles away from yellow gold.) I was also pleasantly surprised to see that these aren't as expensive as I'd anticipated, and the Luna Ring will only set you back £65 which, all in all, isn't that much when you compare it to Pandora and similar (and controversial opinion, but I do think this is better quality than my Pandora ring).

I've been wearing this for a while because sometimes you get amazing jewellery, but at the first sign of water or scuffing, it's a goner. I am happy to say that ChloBo has the quality down to the same parr as they have their blogger aesthetic down. I've worn this to death, forgotten to take it off when I'm washing my hands, scuffed it locking the door - and to be honest, it still looks brand new. I know it sounds stupid but I have some rings that are so beautiful but so badly made that I'm scared to wear them on a day to day basis, and so I'm glad ChloBo isn't about to be added to that category!

All in all - this is worth the money (plus the packaging is hot pink and kind of amazing, so?) and more. This is easily knocking the quality of my pandora ring out of the water and I think I'd likely buy another ChloBo for my collection sooner than anything else. I think it's worth paying for quality, obviously, but it's also nice if you get the quality without breaking your bank balance and so I'm always pleased when I find companies like this that haven't compromised their quality for their price.

So heads up - ChloBo is kind of my new one; and to be honest I didn't see it coming. If you're looking for quality, good pricing and unique pieces that you're not going to find replicated in other brands, then ChloBo is definitely worth checking out. If you've got any other bits from ChloBo, I'd love to know what the quality is like (please don't ruin my love affair this early in the game!) My one downfall with this ring is, it only comes in small, medium and large and so if you're ordering online, it can be a bit of a pain (mine is a medium but it has a little bit of wiggle room still, so maybe I could have gotten away with a small!)

Sammy xo.
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