Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Potentially The Worst Eyeliners To Grace The World. Ever.

I'm usually not one to completely crap on products - I can normally find at least a few good points at least, but I've come up against a set of eyeliners that I just can't defend. I hate writing this post because it's a brand that I love, and a brand that for the most part have actually never let me down, a brand much loved by beauty bloggers everywhere but... I'm sorry, gang, we have to talk about NYX eyeliners. Specifically, the Black Mousse Liner and the Vinyl Liquid Liner.

Now, I'm fussy about eyeliner, I am - but as much as I bitch about them, I can make most eyeliners work for me - hell, I was even a dedicated fan of Benefit's They're Real Gel Liner and we all know how hard that was to work with and so it's very, very rare that I come across eyeliners that I genuinely think I'll never use again, but actually in the last few weeks I've found two of them; and unfortunately they both happen to be from the same brand. We'll start with the Mousse Liner because I didn't even get this to my eye. When I opened the pot, the eyeliner inside was completely solid, unusable and about as moussey as the bricks that make up the exterior of my house - this was a disappointment to start with as it was completely unusable and then the customer support from NYX remains non-existant. For NYX, this was actually pretty expensive at £9 and so it put me in a bad mood to begin with that one of the more expensive products was completely useless.

Next up was the Vinyl Liquid Liner and at least I actually managed to get this one on my eyes to give it a go, which is a step up from the mousse. I have to say I actually really like the brush tip on this, it's a long, thin brush tip and I found it pretty easy to get a wing on; but truthfully, that's where the good stuff ends, really. Now I didn't expect this to be matte, but it was super shiny which almost made it look like there was gaps in the colour, and it's got a really odd texture which meant all of my shimmer eye shadows clung to this to make it look even more like it was some weird 90's frost eyeliner.

I wouldn't have minded this too much as I would have been able to set it with black eyeshadow had I known (and I tried that and actually it does work) but just about every time I've worn this, at least one of the wings have bled so much that there's a huge gap between the flick of the wing and the actual liner on the lid. For an eyeliner that claims to be water resistant this just... well, really isn't, to be honest. In fact, I'd go as far as to say if this even picks up on the suggestion of water you best be sure that your wing is a goner. I wasn't expecting miracles for £5.50, but there's much, much better waterproof eyeliners on the market for just as cheap.

Left: Beginning of day // Right: End of day

Like I said; sorry to crap on a brand but it just happens that both of these eyeliners have been from the same company - I'd say to be honest, stick with their concealer and lip products because the eyeliners just don't do it for me.

Sammy xo.

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