Thursday, 11 August 2016

Save Our Soles

We've almost all done it; walked home with our shoes in our hands because the only thing more painful than crunching gravel under your bare feet is blisters or breaking in a new pair of heels. It's embarrassing and less than ideal - but desperate times call for desperate measures. When Rollasole offered to send me a pair of their fold up shoes, I was intrigued to give them a go and see how far they've come since a fateful battered gold pair that I owned, loved and wore to the death when I was eighteen.

The first notable difference between my original pair and the ones you can get now are the sheer amount of styles currently available. When I bought my first pair I only remember being able to get them in black and gold (and for some reason I opted for gold), but now there are all manners of styles to fit with just about any outfit. Different styles are different prices, but I opted for the Pink Punk style and they're £19.95.

Truthfully, £20 seems sort of a lot of money to pay for shoes that I'm never going to pick as my first choice to go out in, but I have to be fair - these have become my life (feet) savers on the reg. At first I couldn't work out when I would ever use these except after a night out, but they saved me a few weeks ago when new docs were ripping my feet to shreds and I was away from home, and I think they'd also be really good to drive in if you were planning to wear heels when you got to wherever you were going. It's a nice addition that these aren't plain and so if you do need to chuck them on, they don't feel as much like giving up on your fashion sense as my old pair did.

Now straight up, these obviously aren't the most sturdy shoes. They crease and bend until you get your feet in them, and the sizes can be a little bit hit and miss (a medium, for instance, is a 5/6 as opposed to being one or the other, and they do seem to run quite small). Additionally, the soles on these are quite thin and flimsy in order to be able to roll them up - not so much so that they're impossible to wear, but definitely noticeably thinner than a "standard" shoe sole.

All in all, when your feet are aching or cut to shreds and you remember that these are in your bag, you will agree that these are worth every last penny of that twenty pound price tag. These are a welcome addition to my bag, and I'd honestly recommend you grab a pair - you won't regret them.

Sammy xo.
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