Saturday, 27 August 2016

Show Beauty Liverpool

I am all about a gimmick. It's not a secret - if something is gimmicky, I'll probably love it and so when Show Beauty invited me to Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar (already one of my favourite places in the whole of Liverpool) to have a blow dry that involved absolutely no water, I was pretty intrigued. I didn't know much about Show Beauty before I went except that they had hella cute packaging, which to be honest was enough to get me all on board, and so I was excited to go along, try their dry blow dry and see whether the products were as good as their packaging suggests.

First up - I have to say that Show Beauty isn't the easiest stand to find in Harvey Nichols and I walked past it a solid three times - however, it's worth noting at this point that I'm notoriously an idiot and so maybe that's just me. When I did find this however, I was really surprised at how neat and compact this was - just two mirrors back to back with stands of products in each side. Classy, elegant and a little mysterious - I'm all about that life. I introduced myself and they got me sat down and talked me through what I want from my hair (volume!) and then we set to work.

I was the first blogger on the agenda that morning and so my time passed pretty quickly as everyone was chatting away asking questions about blogging, what it is and what I like the best. It was pretty relaxing as blow drys go to be honest, but a lot more product go into the hair than I'm used to (presumably so the hair has the right amount of moisture to blow dry?) - but in my hair I had the Volume Mousse, the Treatment Oil, the Working Texture Spray and the Finishing Spray. Once my hair was damp but not wet, I got the world's best curly blow and honestly, I have to say it looks amazing.

I wanted to be like oh no this is a gimmick, give it a miss but, truthfully? It really isn't a gimmick. This is such a good idea, Tamara Ecclestone has put some real luxury into this brand and you can tell, and this whole experience just feels like something really special. I like that you can go with a full face of make up and not end up with those awkward foundation-less streaks down your face, I like that everything has this thick, sweet, toffee like scent - I like that I went in with a mess of hair and an hour later came out again with smooth, soft, bouncy curls.

Now disclaimer, the curl bit of my curly blow did drop after about an hour, but that's still longer than I've ever had with curling tongs and so I'm not all that mad about it - but it is worth noting that after my curls had fallen and my hair was sitting a little differently, there was definitely a sort of hair spray crunch to my hair. The positives really outweighed the negatives in my opinion, though, and I'd pay extra for a blow dry that means I didn't have to walk through town with ruined make up because I'm fickle af.

If you've ever had a Show Beauty Show Dry I'd love to hear what you thought!

Sammy xo.
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