Thursday, 18 August 2016

SKN-RG Skincare

I'm all about skincare - and I like testing new things out because as many as I try, I just don't feel like I've found the one skincare regime that trumps all the rest in my opinion. So, when SKN-RG offered to send me some bits from their Advanced Natural Skincare Range to try - I was intrigued. I'm all about natural skincare, and I always feel as though it's some kind of bonus when I realise that companies are based in England and so everything about SKN-RG seemed to tick all of the right boxes for me.

I got a travel sized kit of their advanced range that included their Advanced Brightening Moisturiser, Advanced Eye Elixir, Cellular Revitalising Toner and AHA and Enzyme Cleansing Melt. Although it's not always necessary, I like trying out full kits of the same type of skincare to see how they work together, as I think in some cases other skincare pieces can kind of knock them off track and so for a few weeks, I put all of these to the test together. Before we even start, I need to say that my first pet peeve with these is that the range doesn't smell the same, but that's not really a deciding factor, just something that niggles at me, personally.

So let's start with the cleanser - probably one of my least favourite out of the range, which is weird as realistically we all know that I love a good cleanser. I like the smell of this, which for all the world is the same as hot raisins taste (you know if you get them in toasted fruit loaf or whatever?), but the fact is, it just doesn't do that good of a job. I never felt like this was taking my make up off fully, and so only ever used it as a first cleanse, which would have been fine but I felt as though I used mine up in a matter of days which is a little disappointing. Something definitely worth noting about this product is that it really, really stings your eyes and so if you're using it to take make up off, you definitely need to use a seperate eye make up cleanser.

I'll go in order of my skincare regime to make sure that I don't miss anything out - and so next up is the toner. I actually really like the toner, it's in a pump bottle which makes it a lot less messy and I feel like it does really help to make my skin feel that bit smoother and cleaner before putting any serum onto it. I don't like the smell of this (which is maybe rose? I can't quite place it, but it just really doesn't work for me), but as it doesn't linger on the skin I find it quite easy to get over. Next is the Eye Elixir which is actually probably my favourite thing that I tried; this is a thin, liquid type serum that goes under and around your eyes; it smells fresh and herb-like and has a cooling sensation. It does take a while to dry, but it's worth it for how nice my eyes feel once I've used it.

Finally - the moisturiser. I love this as a product but it just really doesn't work for me personally. It smells nice and is a good consistency, but it just really breaks my skin out and feels a little greasy - it's a good product; but if you have oily or sensitive skin then probably stray away from this one. SKN-RG has a real mixed bag of products - but they're definitely worth a try; you can buy travel packs for £55 and so if you're looking for new skincare, this just might be worth a try.

Sammy xo.
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