Friday, 19 August 2016

Trainer Wishlist

Now we all know that Summer is all about cute shoes and nice sandals, but when Autumn comes back around I know that I'll be living in boots and trainers. Boots are a whole drama in themselves and so I'll be shopping for them in store, but trainers are one of my favourite things to buy and so I've been scoping my favourites out on ASOS for the last few weeks, and I've created quite the extensive wishlist; but, here are those at the very top of my list.

I love any kind of classic looking Reeboks - I always have, I think it's the fact that I was born and bred in the kind of town where the whiter your shoes, the cooler they seemed (anyone else have that?). These yellow ones really caught my eyes though, they're a pretty, wearable pastel that just seem to add a little something to what could look like a school trainer otherwise. I imagine these would be really comfortable and I'd probably get a fair bit of use out of these even in the spring and summer - especially given the colours.

These are probably the trainers of my dreams, but they're also suede. I love these suckers, I love the colours, the style and just about everything that makes them up but I just don't ever imagine myself actually wearing suede shoes all that often, which kind of makes £65 a lot to pay for them. Nevertheless, they're super cute and would be an amazing addition to my collection, I'm just not sure that I can realistically justify buying them.

Now you can't really tell on any of the online pictures of these shoes but I've seen them in real life and the pattern is actually really intricate butterfly wings. I think that these are subtle and really, really pretty - and Old Skool Vans are so comfortable that I want to buy them based on that alone. Super basic, but also really pretty - so I wouldn't be surprised if these make their way into my shopping basket sometimes soon.

Now this is a cheat but these do say trainers in the product name and so I'm grabbing it and running with it. I think these are really adorable and when autumn rolls around these would look adorable with dresses and skirts with frilly socks. More elegant than creepers but still falling in the same kind of category, and all for under £30? Come on, you know that you can count me in on that one. Way too hard to resist, and they handily come in half sizes which I actually really need!

These are too expensive for me to ever actually buy, but that doesn't stop me drooling over them on a regular basis. I love the muted greys and whites that make up the colour scheme, I love a good comfy high top and I just think that these are so wearable; and realistically I'd probably get their money's worth but I just can't ever imagine dropping over £100 on a pair of shoes that I'll be chucking on with a pair of skinny jeans.

What are the trainers that you're dreaming of right now?

Sammy xo.

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