Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Why Do So Many Of Us Relate So Heavily To Gilmore Girls?

Whenever I post a tweet about Gilmore Girls, my mentions go crazy. In a way I've not really seen since Orange Is The New Black premieres or the first series of Kimmy Schmidt - it seems a lot of us have Netflix fever over Gilmore Girls. But, what is it about the two Lorelai Gilmores that so many people can relate to? Just what is it about Stars Hollow that has us all glued to our laptop screens for longer than is strictly helpful every day possible?

For many of us - Gilmore Girls was an integral part of our teenage years; E4 twice a day episodes were definitely part of my daily routine for as long back as I can remember. These memories aren't the only source of my love of Gilmore Girls though, and there's a reason that people are falling head over heels with Stars Hollow even now. Whilst it's true that Gilmore Girls really does have it's flaws -it does a lot to highlight the severe lack sexual and racial diversity that was accepted in TV Shows at the time - there really is a lot to be said for it's representation of women.

Although it'd be untrue to say that we grew up without female role models on TV - the fact is that they all too often fell into two distinct categories; those that were stay at home mothers, or token female superheroes that were strong purely because of their supernatural abilities. Gilmore Girls brought female role models that we hadn't really seen before - women whose lives weren't entirely based around men, but rather women with real lives, real ambitions. Lorelai and Rory are women with their own ups and downs, their own lives, their own problems - and it seems that it's something that we can all relate to.

It simply seems undeniable - Gilmore Girls shows many inspiring people from many differing backgrounds; it shows the reality of both growing up, and generally being, a woman in general. Moreover though, Gilmore Girls shows that all women are worthy - whether they have kids or not, whether married or unmarried, rich or struggling, working or not working, single mothers or happily married wives.

It's more than this though - it tackles financial insecurity, single fathers, workaholic and absent mothers. I think the reason that so many of us truly relate to Gilmore Girls is the fact that it's blunt, true to life and it shows examples of real people, real relationships. Now, let's just hope that A Year In The Life brings more racial and sexual diversity, and it'll be all good.

Sammy xo.

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