Monday, 26 September 2016

Autumn With T-Sticks

I've said it before and I'll say it again; I'm all in for a good gimmick - seriously, I would happily (and do happily) buy products based purely on gimmicks and/or gimmicky ad campaigns alone. So, when T-Sticks offered to send me out some of their products to try, they seemed to be the ideal gimmick to give a go for Autumn and Winter. No tea dust from teabags, no mess, and no need for a spoon? It definitely peaked my interest enough to agree to give them a real good try.

As gimmicks go, this definitely isn't the worst one that I've seen; or at least it definitely has some sound reasoning behind it, in my opinion. These are, in essence, portable tea infusers - and they don't come in cheap at £4.75 for 15 (or £35 for 120) plus postage. So are they worth the extra money, or is it better to just shell out a couple of quid on some PG Tips and leave the last mouthful at the bottom of your cup to avoid a huge throatful of teabag dust? Well truthfully, I have a few conflicting opinions on these strange little inventions.

Let's talk about the actual tea, as that seems as good a place as any to get started. I'm not sure as to how many flavours and varieties of tea T-Sticks sell, but I can tell you that I have six of them and I have managed to try them all; Moroccan Minty Green Tea, Fruity Forest Tea, Perfectly Peach Tea, The Earl's Favourite Tea, Striking Strawberry Tea and Breakfast Brew Tea. The teas are definitely a lot stronger than any of their tea bag counterparts, or at least any that I've tried. This is, in theory, due to them being actual tea leaves suspended in a pre-perforated stick (this might be made of foil but I can't quite work it out to be honest). Anyway, this was pretty much a very round about way of saying that it's good quality tea (and how British was that sentence?)

These do minimise mess; they simply go straight into hot water, you stir them and infuse them for two minutes, pull them out, turn them upside down to prevent dripping (only one side of the stick has perforations) and then when you're done; bin it. Voile. Easy as. My main issue besides the price is that, you might not end up with tea bag dust in your tea but, you will definitely end up with a ton of tea leaves; which may actually be worse in my humble opinion.

In essence; these are fancy but hella expensive. I can't say I'd never buy them again though because, truthfully, I think these would be great to take to Spain where I often can't get good tea - especially when out and about. You probably won't be replacing your Tetley's with these, however, if you're a big tea love and a traveller, it might be worth shoving a box of these in your hand luggage, just in case.

Sammy xo.
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