Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Blog Planning With Dot Creates

As much as I like to believe that I'm super organised, if you've ever met me you'll know that that's just really not true. I try to keep on top of things, but I really like to sleep and binge watch bad American TV which tends to throw a spanner in the works and so when Dot Creates offered to send me a notepad and pencil to help keep me on top of my blog planning, I jumped at the chance. So, I decided on the very appropriate Blog Planner Notepad and the I Need Coffee Gold Foil Pencil (also very appropriate for my life in particular).

Let's start with the Gold Foil Pencil because at first I was like wow, who stills uses pencils? But it turns out, me. Not only does the pencil fit with my aesthetic, I remembered whilst using the pencil to write things down that I am actually very prone to making mistakes and being able to erase notes is super helpful because in the past I've just dramatically torn out pages, crumpled them up and then started again. Good quality, and the whole set of these would look killer in my rose gold pencil pot (look, I'm a basic bitch, I've accepted it) on my desk - and 4 of these will only set you back £3.80. So, you know, less than a £1 a pencil I'm going to use purely for decoration? Not too shabby (also they write pretty well but I mean, it's all about the look because a pencil is a pencil.)

Next up - the Blog Planner Notepad and I'm all about the little slice of heaven. I like it when I can pretend to be organised, but truthfully I like it even more when somebody else has done all the hard work for me and so this seemed perfect, all in all. I like that I can date these, write the basic theme out and whatnot - but the real help for me is the tick boxes so I can mark whether or not that I've remembered to do photographs, links, words and whether I've remembered to publish the post (to be honest, you'd be surprised how often I forget to actually publish the post after I've spent hours writing it up).

If I could be a little more niggly about this, I feel like I could do with a little more space for the "put that magic down on paper" section - purely because I wish I could write a little more than notes about the blog post, but it's not a decider and these definitely help me to at least get the basic ideas down. It's not too expensive either, at £5 and to be honest I've just loved working with Dot Creates, I find them a lovely company with a genuine love and passion for the work that they create and it really shows.

Not only will I be repurchasing the Blog Planner Notepad, I've got my eye on the Get Shit Done Notebook as well as the Relax and Unwind phone case. Expect to see a lot more Dot Creates on my blog in the future!

Sammy xo.
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