Monday, 5 September 2016

Colourpop First Impressions

Ever since Colourpop started shipping to England I knew that I was going to have to add some bits to my collection - but, when MyMallBox offered to give me credit so I'd only have to pay for products and not to have them shipped from America, it seems like to perfect chance to check out the basket I'd been amassing for the last few months. I reigned it in a fair bit because I've never tried Colourpop before and so I opted to choose a small selection of multiple things (with the view of going back and ordering more of what I liked, of course) and sent the order through, then patiently waited what seemed like forever for it to arrive (it's so unlike me but I'm actually being dramatic because it only took two days for it to be delivered).

Let's start with a classic Youtube favourite that you all secretly know was going to end up in my hands - Kathleenlights Where The Light Is palette - which is actually 4 single shadows but packaged together in one neat little package, but you get my drift. This was $20 and so it's actually no cheaper than buying each of the four shadows seperately but that said, the packaging is really cute and so if you're going to get four anyway opt for the kit to keep them all together. In the collection there are two metallic shadows; Kathleenlights (a warm, copper bronze) and Blaze (a much deeper metallic brown) and two matte shadows; Glow (my skin colour pretty much, so a pale nude) and Cornelius (and almost red brown).

Swatches L-R: Kathleenlights // Glow // Cornelius // Blaze
All of the shadows are an almost gel texture which allows for them to be super pigmented but without kicking up a lot of fall out. The matte shades are good and strong, but the metallics are the real stars in this kid. These shadows are more pigmented than anything I've tried in the past and, foiled or not, they're beautiful, strong colours. So far, so good (but so expensive as there's now so many more colours that I want to add to my collection!)

Now I obviously had to also get some lip products and so I got 2; one ultra matte lip and one lippie stix. Continuing on the theme, let's start with the Lippie Stix which I got in Kathleen's Lumiere - a deep mauve colour which I love. I wouldn't say this was matte which is what it's marketed at, but it's smooth, creamy and even. It's not going to last a whole day by any means - but for $5 this has definitely got a killer formula. Finally, I also got Clueless in their Ultra Matte Lip formula - this is a pretty drying liquid lipstick but, from my first few wears it does seem to last forever. As the name suggests, it's a deep pink and all in all, for $6 I definitely won't be complaining.

Left; Lumiere // Right: Clueless
All in all, Colourpop is more than worth the money that you're paying. Delivery is definitely erring towards the more expensive side though and so, the way I see it, you need to buy as much as possible every time in order to get your money's worth.

Sammy xo.

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