Thursday, 15 September 2016

Favourite New Fashion Additions

To be honest, I'm a bit behind on this post because both of these seemed a little wintery to go up before now, but now September is in full swing - I'm all about getting back into Autumn and Winter fashion and so they've waited long enough; now it's their time to shine (literally, in some cases). So, here are my latest favourite fashion additions courtesy of the very lovely, very me, Earsense and Feminist Apparel.

Let's start with the one company out of the two that just might have changed my future - and that's Earsense. For those of you who don't know, I have a fair few piercings and they're nearly always completely empty because I react pretty badly to certain types of metals and they make my ears scab up and flake - which is every bit as attractive as that sounds like it would be. Earsense, however, have created a whole collection of earrings that are suitable for sensitive ears like my little ones, and so I was eager to see whether or not I would be able to wear these for a long amount of time and to see how they would hold up in comparison to other cheaper offerings.

I opted for the Gold Moon Earrings and the December Birthstone Earrings and I have to say that I really like both, to be honest. I was a little worried that the birthstone earrings would lost their gem from the claw casing, but I've been wearing them religiously for coming up to a few months now, and I genuinely think they've proved themselves to be a lot stronger than I'd imagined. The Gold Moon Earrings are just as beautiful as they look online, and there's nothing for them to lose and they don't seem to scratch etc. which is good. My one downfall is that, although the moon earrings have a butterfly back, the birthstone earrings have a plastic disk back which means that unless I swap the backs with another pair, I can't really wear them in the cartilage piercings on my ears without them looking really odd. Annoying, but definitely not the end of the world - and seeing as I can wear them near permanently without irritating my ears, they're worth every cent of the €8 that they'll set you back per pair.

Next up - Feminist Apparel. I'm all about these t-shirts with feminist slogans and, to be honest, it took a lot for me to decide which t-shirt I wanted but I eventually opted for the Femme Ain't Frail Flowers Long Sleeved Top. This is thin enough to work for summer, but the thing is that I would always opt for a long sleeved top to cover up my scars and so I like the fact that I can opt for a long sleeve in most of the designs. Similarly, I like that there are both Female and Unisex fits to get the best kind of shape for your body. These aren't cheap at £30.01 but I have my eye on the jumpers for Winter, so watch this space.

There are my favourite fashion additions to my wardrobe this month - what are yours?

Sammy xo. 
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