Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Is Bath and Body Works Worth The Money?

We all lust after Bath and Body Works, don't we? It seems to be the mark of a successful Youtuber - Pumpkin Spice three wick candles in the back of your videos, foaming handwash in your guest bathroom, and a new pocketbac to match each season. As English Bath and Body Works lovers, it's like some kind of elaborate, amazingly scented Narnia - especially as they don't ship directly to our country; but is it just a case of we'll always want what we can't have? Or is it really worth the dollar? Well, as you might have spotted in my mymallbox post - I parted with some hard earned cash to try and see if it's really worth the cost.

Truthfully, the first thing that I feel as though I have to say is that Bath and Body Works really isn't as cheap as every American Youtuber ever would have you believe. Don't get me wrong, you're not going to need to remortgage your house to be able to get a haul up online, but; we are erring on the side of Yankee Candle and The Body Shop as opposed to Primark and Bodycare. It's also worth remembering that prices do seem more expensive right now as we have a pretty poor exchange rate - but that's enough talk about politics and prices; let's talk about deals, sales and shipping.

One thing I will give to the wonderful Narnia is, if you sort out the deals and make them work in your favour then you can get some pretty decent prices - and it seems right at the end of one season and the beginning of another seems to be the ideal time. Buy smaller products in sets of multiples to get lower prices, check for coupon deals before you checkout and look in the sale for scents from seasons past in order to grab a good bargain.

Now the real kicker - shipping. Pretty much whatever way you do it, you're going to end up paying for two shipping charges; a considerably smaller internal shipping rate and a much more expensive international shipping rate. American shipping takes a while longer than UK shipping, so add in a mail forwarding service (and I'd obviously recommend My Mall Box - not sponsored or affiliate, they're just boss) and you're looking at a solid £20 shipping minimum, and at least about a week's delivery time.

So, all in all - is it worth it? Not to be a dick, but honestly? Probably not. The products are good and affordable ish, but add in delivery and you're paying a hell of a lot for products that aren't too different from ones that you can actually get in the UK. In my opinion, save your dollar and spend it on colourpop and stick to using Body Shop Body Butters, in my opinion.

Sammy xo.

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