Friday, 23 September 2016

Jumper Wishlist

I'm totally guilty of getting into the spirit of seasons (and holidays) way earlier than is strictly necessary, and so it might not be jumper weather quite yet, but that isn't going to stop me lusting over ones that I likely can't even afford, and definitely don't need just yet. If you're looking for fashionable options, probably don't get your hopes up - but if you love a cartoon, a strong feminist message or jumpers that look like they'd be the comfiest things in the world, I got your back.

1: Feminist Apparel - Feminism Is Not A Dirty Word (£34.42)
You all know that I think that we should talk about feminism more, and so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I'm lusting over wearing a jumper with it on. I love the fit of Feminist Apparel clothing and this just looks super cosy, plus it's sending a really good message which is a bonus. It always shocks me just how affordable that Feminist Apparel is, to be honest, but this will definitely be added to my wardrobe when Autumn/Winter fully kicks in.

2: Oneon - Open Lattice Sleeved Jumper (£120)
Straight up - this will literally never ever be in my wardrobe because there isn't a single person out there that can afford £120 on a single jumper and is still writing wishlist posts. I love this though - it looks so cosy, it's a chunky cable knit but the open lattice sleeves add something really unusual to the style. Not one that I will ever be willing to shell the money out for, but definitely one that I'll be lusting over nevertheless.

3: Topshop - Spliced Mickey Sweatshirt (£30)
I went through a phase of absolutely loving vintage Disney jumpers, but I can be a bit iffy about buying things second hand online (more because it often arrives worse than described as opposed to me being an absolute prin about taking in people's cast offs) and so it was nice to see this vintage design on a brand new jumper. Plus, Topshop - so you know the quality will be okay for what you're paying.

4: Lazy Oaf - People Are Stupid (£70)
Again, probably not a jumper that I'm going to shell out on but I'm obsessed with these Lazy Oaf oversized jumpers. Imagine these worn as dresses with tights and doc martens, chuck in a chunky scarf and that's my staple outfit sorted for the winter. I really do want this jumper, but unfortunately I also want to keep what little dough I have and so, might have to give it a miss, really.

5: Feminist Apparel - All Genders Are Valid (£34.42)
I started with my favourite brand, and I'll end with them. once again - a cosy jumper with an amazing message. You really can't go wrong with Feminist Apparel.

What's on your wishlist?

Sammy xo.

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