Friday, 30 September 2016

Love Cocoa

You all know that I'm all about some good chocolate - personally I would always opt for dark chocolate, but when Love Cocoa offered to send me out a variety of their milk and plain chocolate creations? Well, I definitely wasn't about to turn that down. I was lucky enough to be sent the British Icons Collection which is a solid £21.95 of chocolate and just about has something for everyone. So, without further ado; I dove straight in (well, it would have been rude not to!)

Let's start with the dark chocolate seeing as that's almost always what I would usually opt for; there's three bars of plain chocolate in Sea Salt, English Mint and Ecuador 70%. It seems to make sense to start with the straight up Ecuador 70% which is just flat out plain dark chocolate, as you might well expect. I love dark chocolate and, truthfully, the more bitter , the better (story of my life, really). I know not everybody shares those tastes with me though. This is the perfect balance between bitter and sweet - it's creamy and indulgent and it's like the champagne to Bourneville's Cava (aka. if dark chocolate's your jam, you're going to love this).

The flavoured dark chocolate bars in the selection have me torn to be honest; I thought that I would love mint and find myself on the fence about sea salt, however I found it to be the opposite way around instead. The mint isn't unpleasant - but it is a little much for me, and it's almost erring on the side of feeling a little toothpaste-y. If you're a big mint lover, this is definitely the one for you; if you just feel so-so about it like I do, then it might be just a little much. The sea salt one really did it for me, however; the sweetness but bitterness of the chocolate combined with the crunch of salt is something really unusual and, although I would normally expect sea salt to be with a much creamier milk chocolate, the unexpected bite of dark chocolate definitely does work alongside it.

Next up; the milk chocolate. Once again I suppose we should start with the straight up Milk Chocolate Dominican Republic 37%. This is really smooth and sweet and it reminds me of another brand of chocolate that I can't quite place (although now I'm thinking about it, I think it might be reminiscent of Milka). However, I have to say, you really can tell this is good quality chocolate; hark at me, the chocolate snob. The most unusual flavouring in the collection is Earl Grey which is a very heavy floral scent; although not unpleasant - it's probably not a chocolate that i would choose to opt for. I did think that the Earl Grey taste was quite accurate, but none of my family could quite place it without help; so maybe it's only obvious if you already know what it is when someone hands it over to you.

Finally, my favourite of the whole lot - Honey and Honeycomb. The honeycomb is actually placed into the back of this bar and, although it lacks the crunch that I'd like and expect from similar chocolate bars, there's no denying this is sweet, amazing and even smoother than normal due to the added honey. If I was to say opt for any single bar out of the collection, it would undoubtedly be this one. Amazing flavours, great quality chocolate and cool packaging - I personally wish it was a little more easily to break it evenly, however all in all - I'd definitely buy the collection again, for myself or as a present, in future.

Sammy xo.
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