Sunday, 11 September 2016

Murad SkinCam Consultation

Last week Murad kindly invited me to visit their Liverpool Debenhams stand in order to really start to tackle my problem skin with the help of their SkinCam. Given that my skin has been a total mess lately, I jumped at the chance of getting a little more insight as to why, and so make-up free and slightly nervous, I made my way over to Debenhams to meet my new favorite person in the whole world, Liz, and talk through my skin concerns in order to come up with some kind of action plan.

So when I arrived, Liz sat me down and had me answer some questions about my skin and any concerns that I had personally (within 5 minutes Liz had already told me that I was overmasking which was hugely adding to my skin concerns!) and then she moved me so I could be tested with the SkinCam. This is a really easy procedure, you put your chin on the chin rest, there's two flashes, and then all of the results are sent through to a computer for analysis. The camera picks up things like sun damage, redness, fine lines, wrinkles and so much more and from the analysis, we discovered that my main problem was my pores being clogged which definitely wasn't helping my breakouts. With new information about my skin to help her along, Liz led me to a chair for a facial and skin treatment.

Now we knew what the issues with my skin were, we could tackle the breakouts on my chin and my nose. On my chin Liz used the clarifying mask to draw out impurities, and on my nose she used the blackhead and pore clearing duo to tackle that particular issue - I believe this was washed off with just water but I could be wrong. On my chin we then used the Blemish Clearing Solution, but for the rest of my skin we used the Invisiblur Perfecting Shield which mattified my skin. Suddenly it seemed like my skin was cleaner, more fresh and just generally less awful. There was also a treat for my mum, as when I nipped off to take photographs after my treatments, Liz tried their newest eye product on Mama Smeth and was keen to send both of us off with bags jam packed with samples, much to our excitement!

All in all, I feel like if nothing else, I know my skin a lot better after this consultation. Murad is expensive, but I've really seen a change in my skin since using it and so I'd say if you have issues with your skin, or if you just don't know where to start - it's worth booking in Murad. I'd like to say a huge thanks to Liz though, who made me feel more than at ease and did a great job in making me feeling a lot more confident with my skincare regime.

Liz, you're awesome. If it wasn't inappropriate and forward, I'd kiss you.

Sammy xo.
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