Friday, 2 September 2016

My Mall Box

I'm all about finding food makeup or skincare brands, however I like it even more when I come up against a company that provide a service that I'm genuinely really excited to try; in this case, MyMallBox. This is basically a mail forwarding company that allows you to buy from American shops and get it shipped to England, or just about anywhere in the world. They have a ton of cool tricks up their sleeves and so when they offered me $30 credit to ship some of my most coveted items over from America, I jumped at the chance to see which goodies I need to add to my collection.

When you sign up for Mymallbox, they give you your own suite number and American address - essentially all you need to do is order like normal, but then put this suite number and American address in instead of your own home address in another country (helpfully, this allows you to use American deals and voucher codes, so that's worth keeping an eye out for if you're planning on buying!) When it arrives at Mymallbox, they'll email you to let you know it's there and you can pick to have it delivered as is, you can have it repackaged if you think it'll come in a big box that will up your shipping price needlessly, or you can wait for multiple orders and get them all repackaged into one parcel in order to lower your shipping costs again.

I chose Colourpop (although I know you can get UK shipping from them now, it just seemed to make more sense to chuck in my order with this one) and Bath and Body Works to test out the service. I ordered a few candles, some makeup and a few other bits (posts to come!) and when both packages arrived at my America address (although bear in mind that American shipping seems to take considerably longer than UK shipping) I opted to have them repackaged into one parcel to lower my shipping costs. It took about three days to repackage into one, 2lb package which could then be shipped for anywhere between $26 and $32 - so, I opted for the more expensive option which saw me getting my parcel within 48 hours which just fascinates me. I did find myself opening the package with baited breath knowing that the real make or break would be if everything survived the journey, but considering they were out of boxes and in a single enveloped, they thankfully all did - so kudos for that!

All in all the package cost $32 + £3.65 customs charges to ship, and although that sounds expensive - having ordered from Sephora in the past and paid a small fortune, I think if you use this wisely and get more than one order shipped in one most times that you use it, it'd likely be well worth the money. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a practical solution  for every day deliveries - but with Christmas rapidly getting closer, a haul might just be warranted!

Sammy xo.
Post written in Collaboration with MyMallBox, however all words and opinions are my own and based on my own experiences.

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