Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Honestly you all probably already know that I'm a nerd in the most traditional sense of the word - I'm all about old school gaming, comic books and sci-fi. So, when NerdBlock offered to send me out their August box, I was more than excited to see what was inside and hopefully it might help to add a little personality to my very white, very clinical room. Now I believe NerdBlock isn't their only offering and, in fact, I hear they have a box focused on the one true love of my life (horror films, not James McAvoy) and so I've definitely got my eye on the HorrorBlock for when I get paid.

Okay, so the whole box is actually pretty amazing, but there was one items I immediately grabbed to photograph so I could take the tags off and wear it and that was the Shirtpunch Exclusive Labyrinth tee. I love Labyrinth the film anyway, but add David Bowie's face and an amazing design and you can count me in. I've worn this a ton and it's so comfortable so I'm definitely saying that I really like this product so far. Next up was the exclusive Back To The Future Circuit Luggage Tag - Back To The Future always makes me think of my childhood best friends and so this was a bit of a nostalgic addition for me - but I travel a lot and so I'm all about anything that makes my bag easier to spot. Plus this is cool and seems really durable as it's made from rubber, so that's a bonus.

To be honest I'm not as impressed with the next item, which is a set of exclusive masters of the universe M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E figures whatever that means. These remind me a lot of the toy soldiers in the bucket in Toy Story and I'm sure if that's your jam, you'll probably love these but they just weren't for me personally. Next came Bart Simpson's Manual Of Mischief - which reminds me a lot of the Simpson's Guide To Life book that Marc and I had when we were growing up and although this is totally cheesy and gimmicky, I'll really into pop out books with activities and so I actually did really enjoy flicking through this.

Okay now one of my favourite things in the box (and in fact this has already been on my instagram this week) and that's the exclusive Ghostbusters Art Print by Fredrik Eden. This is quirky and actually quite creepy and I just can't wait to frame this and add it to my room. Finally is the Exclusive Lord Of The Rings Eye Of Sauron Snow Globe - to be honest, although I loved the books I hated the Lord Of The Rings films but, nevertheless, this has copper coloured snow and I'm a basic ass bitch and so this will actually really go with my room.

This is £19.99 per month and considering that all but one of the items are exclusives, I'd say that this is definitely worth the money. It is worth considering the fact that this took 2 weeks to arrive in my hands though, if you're impatient like me!

Sammy xo.
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