Sunday, 4 September 2016

Origin One Box

I'm all about stationery and planning and so when Origin One said they'd send me over a box to play with - I was excited because the only thing better than ordering your own stationery is somebody sending you a box without you knowing what's in in. Origin One is all brown paper and black and white themes and I love it - it's classic and cool and so far from the usual cutesy stationery boxes that I've come across before and I was so, so excited to dig in I can't even explain!

Okay so first things first - the Four Inch Wide Black and White Paperweight which is exactly what it says on the cardboard packaging and in fact actually says it on the actual product itself. Not sure how many people actually use paperweights in this day and age (surely they went out of fashion with like inkwells, daily corset wearing and scullery maids?) but nevertheless this is a kind of hipster, ironic sort of cool. Next up were a set of planner stickers and, although I love these (because you best know that I appreciate stickers that have a variety of alcoholic drinks on to go into my diary) but if I was going to be a bit funny about this I would have to say that these are kind of big for what I'd usually put in my planner. Cute though, and definitely ones I'm sure that I'll find a use for.

Next up; a poo card. At first I was like, well when will I ever send a card to anyone that has a poo on? But realistically, I have a lot of people in my life that would find this hilarious, and a solid handful in my life who this accurately represents (that was a joke) so actually I'm sure this will eventually be handed to someone. Then were two origin one pencils and similarly to the paperweight I'm really not sure that people actually use HB pencils anymore? But, I'm sure my younger cousin will think these are delightful. Annoyingly they didn't come already sharpened but you can't win them all.

My favourite thing in the box by far is this tall weekly calendar, which I've been using to plan blog posts. Although this definitely doesn't fit in my back, it's handy to leave on my desk to make sure I'm keeping on top of things (although I do forget to check it on the reg, if I'm honest with you.) The one annoying thing about this planner, to be honest, is the type of paper used which is glossy and almost feels plasticky to the touch - you need to make sure your pen ink is really dry before you close this; or maybe that's what the pencils are for??

The last envelope was just full of bits and bobs to advertise Origin One on the whole - a magnet (which my cousin insisted I used to put her art up on the fridge), a sticker (which I'm realistically not sure that I have any kind of practical use for) and a polaroid type frame which I think is for taking instagram photos of what's in your box - but I'm photographically challenged and so didn't do this. Still, nice additions nonetheless!

All in all I really like the Origin One box - it's something a little different, far from the cutesy stationery boxes that I'm used to, and you can't really complain about a box when it costs you less than £12 for all the stuff in it - plus, it comes from India and mine arrived in a matter of days and so all in all, I was a pretty happy chappy with this! If you've ever tried Origin One I'd love to know what was in your box.

Sammy xo.
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