Thursday, 22 September 2016

Room Decorations

I have a very small, very clinical, very white room - and so it's taken a lot of little touches to get it to the place where it doesn't feel like somebody's going to whip out a stethoscope at any minute. So, I've been adding little touches to my room to try and make it a little more homely and, although it's hard to tread the line between cute a little trashy, I think that I've finally got close to a place where I feel really happy about the way that my room's looking and the way that it's come together to really represent me. All in all, if you're all in for wall stickers, unicorns and cute little lights, you're going to be very pleased about the way that this post is going.

Let's start with the one thing in my room that took the longest to put together - my PapertTrophy Black and Gold Unicorn. Now, this looks amazing now it's on the wall, but it didn't always look this good. Each PaperTrophy comes flatpacked as seperate pieces of card that are bent, manipulated and glued to form the actual trophy itself. This took me a solid week to put together and it's a little bit imperfect if you look closely, but I actually do love looking up and seeing something that I helped to created up on the wall. This isn't cheap because one will set you back around €60 but it's a unicorn - it's worth every penny (and you can get them in tons of forms and colourways!)

I love a good wall sticker and I've had these Light Bulbs Wall Decal from Sirface Designs for a good while, but I've been waiting for my walls to be topped up and my room to be put together properly for a while. Still, these are finally up (and they were really easy to put up, I'd like to mention at this point!) and I love the way that they look. They're only £20 and you can get all different coloured "bulbs", but I picked grey because I like to keep it quite subtle given that everything else is white. I love the way that these look, they're casual and understated whilst still adding something to my otherwise plain walls. Sirface have some great designs and I've never found stickers easier to put up and so, if that's your jam, it's definitely worth a look (not sponsored, I just like wall stickers and when I don't completely ruin them attempting to put them up.

I use a lot of things that practically need somewhere to stay as decorations, and my perfumes are one - they looked a little messy just lined up and so I added in these wooden letters saying LOVE to add in a focal point. Slightly cheesy? Yes, but it goes with my theme well. Mine were literally a couple of quid from ASDA a few months ago (they've been under my bed for ages) but, you can find some similar ones here.

Finally one of my favourite decorations in my room is my A5 Lightbox - mine is from Iwoot and I think in the sale it cost me around £10 - £15, but they have one in the bigger size for £25 here. Mine's a quote from Clueless right now, but I love swapping it around to suit my mood; so, it usually includes a lot of swear words. All in all - I love these little bits that make my room feel a lot more like mine, and I'd love to hear what little bits in your room that you love (I'm always on the lookout for new additions!)

Sammy xo.
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