Saturday, 17 September 2016

SensatioNail Polish To Gel Transformer

A few years ago for my birthday I got a SensatioNail kit and, in theory, it was amazing - but truthfully it was just a whole drama, the polishes were super expensive and I just never used it so I passed it off to Ruby who actually does her gel nails and loves saving a little bit of money. So, when SensatioNail offered to send me the new Polish To Gel Transformer kit, I was more than happy to try it out. A faster lamp and I could use any of the extensive range of polishes that I already have? Count me in for that one.

Now fair warning - if you get the kit with the lamp and the transformer delivered through the post then you need to be super careful because one of the bottle broke on the way to me and ruined the whole kit. SensatioNail were proper boss about it though and so I got a whole new kit sent out and this one managed to arrive just fine - no breakage in sight. The kit comes with a nail file, some lint free wipes, a polish to gel transformer, a cuticle tool, a tiny pot, a gel primer, a gel cleanser and the new 2x faster lamp.

I like that you can use this a couple of ways because truthfully, I'm way too lazy to be sitting there mixing half transformer with half normal nail polish - but, it turns out that you can use the transformer as a topcoat and cure it the same and then it'll make any polish appear like gel. It is good but I'm still ironing out some problems with it; some user error and some definitely not user error. First problem; the instructions are a bit vague - I know with the original set I had to use the cleanser and primer to make the gel nails stay, but I'm not sure if I have to do that under the standard polish if I'm just using a top coat (if you have any information about this, I'd genuinely love to know). This is just vague on the instructions side, but a quick email would likely iron this out, it's just annoying that it's so unclear I feel I have to email.

Issues number two and three are user error. I've found out that if you're nail polish isn't entirely dry before the gel top coat goes on, it's unlikely to cure in the right way - this means that I often need to paint my nails with normal polish in the morning, let it dry fully throughout the day and then do the gel top coat at night. Although this works, it does lengthen the whole process. The second user error problem I've found is that the top coat is quite runny and so it's hard to avoid getting it around your nails or on your cuticles, which means that it often peels and comes off a lot more easily that I'd like in a nail polish; especially a gel.

All in all - I think with some practise this could be really good, but it's not this GEL NAILS AT HOME MADE EASY sort of kit that it's made out to be. Will it save you money? Yes, the whole kit is £49.99 which is still only about two professional gel appointments. Will it take some practise? Yes. Also, any tips greatly appreciated - but straight up if this lasts you 10 days it's a miracle and you're a wizard.

Sammy xo.
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