Saturday, 24 September 2016

September Degustabox

You all know Degustabox is one of my absolute favourite deliveries every month, but this month I couldn't wait and so actually took a sneak peek of Katy's when hers arrived a few hours earlier than mine. So, this month it wasn't a surprise, but that doesn't mean I was let down by it in any way - and you know I love to talk about food and by the views it seems you like to read (listen?) about food; so let's talk about September's Degustabox.

I'm all about chia seeds so I liked seeing these Chia Bia offerings in the box because buying them can be hella expensive to be honest - I like the handy little packs but I'm especially intrigued by the milled Chia Seeds because I don't think I've really seen them before. Can you make porridge out of them? Will they be gross? Only time will tell. Next up is something I gave a good bash but I honestly just can't get over the texture; Emily Fruit Crisps; these ones are the Crunchy Banana flavour. I like bananas and I like crisps, but I really, really hate dried fruit and so I'm afraid this really wasn't for me (how cute is that packaging though???)

Next is the Mrs Crimbles gluten free pasta and sauce. Now, I find mushrooms personally offensive and so I definitely won't be trying this, but I do like to see dedicated gluten free brands within the box as it just opens it up that bit more and makes it accessible to more people. Not something I'll be eating, but something I was very pleased to see in the box. You might all know I also don't get on with the Get Fruity bars on the whole and the Pineapple Coconut and Lime one was no different; at least I can say I gave it a go though - but healthy food just really isn't me, to be honest.

Next up though was a strong favourite and that was the Metcalfe's Popcorn Thins - thin corn cakes covered in milk chocolate. A favourite type of food from a favourite brand; I knew that these weren't going to disappoint and I really enjoyed them. They could do with a better corn to chocolate ratio (as in more corn or less chocolate) but they were fab nonetheless. Next was the product I was most excited to try; cordial in a can from Teisseire in the Raspberry and Cranberry flavour. This is nice and has no added sugar but it still does taste really syrupy and thick; more like a syrup than a juice. I love the packaging for this though, although I've never seen it about to try other flavours to comment on (I am keeping an eye out though!)

Next up were these CAPE drinks - and I really enjoyed this. Sparkling water with an addition of tea; refreshing, healthier than drinking a can of coke given that this has no artificial sugars - and to be honest I'm all about these and if I see them I'll definitely be adding more to my basket to have them on hand in the fridge. Next up were the Say Yes To No Bread Crisps in Sour Cream and Onion flavour and these were surprisingly nice. Somewhere between a crisp and a crouton as you might expect, and the flavouring is so strong it makes it feel like a delicious treat (although the list of things not in these listed on the front of the packet makes me think that these are actually pretty healthy!)

Borlotti Beans from Cirio came out next; and surprisingly I haven't dug into these yet, instead opting to leave them in the cupboard to see whether or not we might get some use of them in cooking. Not my usual thing, and not something I'll be going out of my way to use, but a fine product to have all the same. Finally were 4 Hartley's jelly pots. Every bit as amazing as I remember them being in school - enough said.

If you want to get your own Degustabox you can get 7 pound off by using the code BLDEG15. Not sponsored or affiliate, just a boss deal. You're welcome.

Sammy xo.
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