Thursday, 8 September 2016

Supercuts #SquadGoals

A few weeks ago now (okay, so I'm willing to admit that I'm a little behind on event posts, I'll hold my hands up) Supercuts asked me and seven of some of my other favourite Liverpool bloggers to show what #SquadGoals looks like and, in return, there was prosecco, sausage rolls, cupcakes and pampering galore. So after doing some jewellery pictures for Liv (check them out I did a boss job) and having a Dunkin' Donuts and some gossip with everyone else, we head off to Supercuts without really knowing what to expect (but we're always excited and up for a challenge. Plus, as I mentioned before there was prosecco).

When we arrived, we all split off and some of us went to have our hair done, some had their nails done and some opted for some makeup. I sat between Sam and Hannah and settled in with my prosecco to get some princess hair. Hannah ended up with curls and a gorgeous waterfall braid (which she was optimistically hoping would last an entire weekend at Reading!) and I got some real Rapunzel curls with the front sections braided away from my face. Sam, however, took a real risk and had a good few inches cut off of her hair, it looks honestly amazing and it was a brave, but amazing move!

After my hair was done I took the time to spy on what everyone else was doing, so I spent some time watching Liv's hair being curled and I took some time out to generally gossip and catch up with the other girls at the event. Some people had gel nails done, and the rest of us sat around and watched (more interesting than you'd imagine) and then, further proving she's the most fearless of us all; Sam opted to have her eyebrows threaded (and, although she took it like a champ, scared Liv out of having hers done) and then she had them filled in. To be honest, they looked amazing and I had some serious brow envy, but not strong enough envy to take my makeup off and have my own threaded.

After chatting to the staff for a while (who were truly amazing - I'd recommend them in a heartbeat!) they handed us all goodie bags filled with OPI, Max Factor and TIGI BedHead and, after a Nando's date with Kayleigh and Liv, I headed home to catch up on the Bakeoff because, priorities. To be honest though, we had the best night being #SquadGoals and if you and your friends post your own #SquadGoals selfie between now and September 30th, you could win travel, accommodation, makeovers and a huge photoshoot at the TIGI Bedhead studios for you all - so get posting (personally, I think we're probably the ones to beat...)

If you went to the #SquadGoals event in your area, I'd love to see your post about your night!

Sammy xo.
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